Don't Blame The BCS...Blame Ohio State

Andrew MasonCorrespondent INovember 2, 2008

So the new polls came out today and the following order went as follows:


1. Alabama Crimson Tide (9-0)

2. Texas Tech Red Raiders (9-0)

3. Penn State Nittany Lions (9-0)

4. Florida Gators (7-1)


Alabama was the number two team in the nation, came out and just demolished the Arkansas State Indians, 35-0. Texas Tech scored with just one second left to beat the former number one team in the country Texas Longhorns, 39-33.  Penn State was idle and the Gators, looking for a little revenge, got their wish against the Georgia Bulldogs, killing them (figuratively not literally,) 49-10.

Everyone agrees with the number one and four teams, but numbers two and three are causing problems.  People are calling the BCS/polls "flawed" and "stupid."

While I, like many other college football fans, loathe the BCS and wish for a playoff. This time, the BCS and the pollsters made the correct the choice.  Texas Tech beat the former number one team in the country.  That is no small feat, especially with the talent that Texas has this year. While Penn State had the week off and was able to rest after their battle against the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Instead of putting Penn State number two, they put Texas Tech there for one simple reason: they don't want another Big 10 team in the national championship.

The past two seasons, Ohio State was able to be among the top two in the nation mostly because of their schedule, while everyone else lost/blew their chances. 

I think pollsters are nervous about putting Penn State in that slot because they probably decided to think of the past and future:

First, the Nitany Lions' schedule, which is as follows:


11/8 At Iowa Hawkeyes

11/15 vs. Indiana Hoosiers

11/22 vs. no. 18 Michigan State Spartans


As of right now, only Michigan State is ranked and who knows what is going to happen with them?  For the past several years, Michigan State struggled to finish their season on a good note, and with just one game until that matchup, they could fall out of the top 25 with a loss to the Purdue Boilermakers and several other teams leap-frogging them.

Second, is the layoff factor.  Penn State's last game is on November 22, while the Big 12 and SEC championship games will not be until December. That is a very long time to go without a game. In 2007, Ohio State had 51 days off, and got absolutely destroyed by the LSU Tigers.

Third and finally, do they want to put a Big 10 team in the National Championship against an SEC or Big 12 team that can score almost at will? The Buckeyes lost their two games by a combined score of 79-38.  That is a pretty big margin of victory by LSU and Florida. 

While Penn State is ranked eighth in the nation on the list for points per game, they only managed 13 points against Ohio State. It is going to take quite a lot of points in these last three games to convince voters otherwise.

Personally, I am a fan of college football and as it stands right now Alabama and Texas Tech looks like a pretty good matchup.

So to you all of you people complaining Penn State got the shaft dont Blame the BCS...Blame Ohio State