WWE Money in the Bank: How Will the Chicago Fans React to Randy Orton?

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIJuly 15, 2011

It is no secret that John Cena vs CM Punk for the WWE Title at Money in the Bank is one of the most anticipated matches in recent memory. The build to this match has been one of the best ever, and with all the stipulations and atmosphere surrounding this match, there is no doubt this match will affect the course of WWE forever.

But there is another match at Money in the Bank that also has my attention. And that is Randy Orton vs Christian IV for the World Heavyweight Title.

Now no offense to the amazing feud between Cena and Punk, but it is very likely that Orton vs Christian is the 2011 Feud of the Year.

With an amazing combination of show-stealing matches and great storytelling, their feud has carried the Smackdown brand for months, and at Money in the Bank, they go at it one more time, and if Orton is DQ or the ref makes a bad call, Christian is the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Now one question has been burned into my mind for this match for awhile that may have a curious effect on their match Sunday.

How will the fans in Chicago react to the Randy Orton this Sunday?

One more time...
One more time...

The Chicago crowds have been well-documented since Wrestlemania 22 as one of hottest, most defiant and opinionated crowds in wrestling today.

They refuse to allow themselves to be manipulated by who's face and who's heel, and will cheer whoever the hell they want to cheer, and boo whoever they want to boo, and are able to create an insane atmosphere. Wrestlemania 22 is the classic example to this fact, especially to John Cena.

John Cena vs CM Punk will no doubt be the ultimate display of this defiance, as Chicago has hated Cena since the infamous Wrestlemania 22, and with it being Punk's hometown as well, expect a repeat of ECW One Night Stand 2006.

But I really want to see whether the fans will cheer or boo Orton once he makes his way down to the ring.

Why do I ask this question, you may ask?

Well because of what Orton has become in the eyes of many fans, especially the IWC.

The last time Orton was in Chicago was Night of Champions last year, and they cheered him like crazy, so that guarantees a positive reactions Sunday right?

Orton hatred is reaching an all-time, and it may show Sunday.
Orton hatred is reaching an all-time, and it may show Sunday.

I don't think so, because at the time, Orton was at the height of his popularity, and was often seen as the anti-Cena, the better alternative to him and the one who will take over Cena as face of the company.

But times have changed in little under a year.

Orton has gone from being the next Stone Cold Steve Austin, to SuperCena 2.0 in the eyes of many. He constantly wins matches, rarely loses ever, let alone clean, hits an RKO out of nowhere redundantly, has a robotic and monotone voice, and has gone on to be virtually untouchable as a face.

The hatred for Randy Orton began when he faced off against CM Punk in a Wrestlemania feud. Now people were real excited for this one, but what happened?

Randy Orton practically dominated the entire, coming out on top nearly every week, and beating CM Punk every time, which nearly buried the Straight Edge Superstar.

Now considering Punk is from Chicago, and people love him throughout, I'm sure the Windy City has not forgotten about that?

But Orton hatred reached Cena levels when he beat Christian for the World Title just five days after Christian won it for the first time ever.

The night where Anti-Orton took a life of it's own.
The night where Anti-Orton took a life of it's own.

People were pissed, and rightfully so, as a dream was just shattered right before our eyes after such a feel-good moment. The Internet exploded with rage on all social networks, and seeing as I consider Chicago a voice of the IWC in a sense...you can see where I'm going with this.

It is very obvious Orton is not as popular as he was last year, and people are starting to hate him just as much as Cena, but somehow, this has yet to show on TV, though you can partially thanks taped shows for that.

But that could all change Sunday night.

Remember Summerslam 2005? It was the first recorded night that people noticeably booed Cena. The Champ faced a heel Jericho for the WWE Title, but the crowd cheered Jericho while they mercilessly booed Cena. It was the beginning of what would become a part of Cena's legacy.

Money in the Bank 2011 could become Orton's Summerslam 2005.

Despite what taped shows would lead you to believe, Christian is still cheered and loved by the fans, shown by live shows. Christian has gotten to the point where people cheer him no matter what he does, beloved by many fans for his hard work. There is also the fact he has been screwed over and is right in the situation, and seeing as how Chicago takes logic and emotion over the face/heel dynamic, we're in for quite an atmosphere in this match.

What will Chicago have to say to Randy Orton?
What will Chicago have to say to Randy Orton?

Christian is the CM Punk of Smackdown, while Randy Orton is the John Cena.

I am fairly certain that Christian will be cheered when this match happens, as people just love Christian, but how they will react to Orton is something I am not fairly certain of.

While there are many reasons as to why the fans of Chicago will certainly boo Orton, he can still be cheered as his popularity is just damn unrelenting for some damn reason in forms of massive pops, and is still considered edgier than Cena, but there is no telling how fans will be to Orton.

At the very least I expect a mixed reaction for the Viper at Money in the Bank. There is no doubt that Orton will get some boos come Sunday, but if the Chicago fully cheers for the Viper, then I will be shocked and just damn disappointed in the town.

Will Orton be booed out of the building at Money in the Bank? Will he still be unreasonably cheered Sunday? Or will he get a mixture of both?

This is a question I want answered at Money in the Bank.