WWE: Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View Preview

Travis Smith@TravisLeeSmith2Analyst IIJuly 12, 2011

WWE: Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View Preview

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    The "Money In The Bank" pay-per-view event is this Sunday—the IWC has been buzzing about this upcoming pay-per-view event for weeks now.

    With this pay-per-view event comes excitement and predictions.

    This slideshow preview will take you through each match and I will give my predictions along the way. These are just my predictions. If you'd like to comment and leave your own predictions, please do so in the comment box.

Divas Championship Match: Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella

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    Kelly Kelly won the Diva's title from Brie Bella a month ago. Ever since she has been pushed as the top diva in the WWE.

    Kelly Kelly is a fan favorite and should have the support of the fans, while Brie Bella is looking to win back the Diva's title she lost. I believe Kelly Kelly will retain the title in a short (as usual) diva's match.


    Winner: Kelly Kelly

Big Show vs Mark Henry

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    Mark Henry has become a bad ass since turning heel back on WWE draft night.

    Since his heel turn, Mark Henry has become a heel main-eventer on SmackDown and has been pushed as a monster. Henry's main target as of late has been the largest athlete in the world, Big Show. In the past month, Mark Henry has slammed Big Show through an announcers table at "Capitol Punishment", put him through the side of the steel cage and pushed him off the stage.

    This storyline has gotten a lot of buzz from the WWE Universe. The match between these two giants is highly anticipated. I believe Mark Henry's push will wind up with Henry earning a world title shot on SmackDown, but I don't see him defeating Big Show on a pay-per-view.

    Big Show's in-ring career is winding down, so this may be his last great push in the WWE. That said, I've got to pick Big Show in this match.


    Winner: Big Show

RAW's "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match

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    The "Money in the Bank" ladder match has produced many great memories since its inception in 2005.

    Since becoming a mainstay for the WWE, this match has created opportunities for up-and-coming superstars to become world champions. There has never been a "Money In The Bank" winner who hasn't become a world champion (except when Mr. Kennedy won it in 2007 and then lost the contract to Edge due to an injury), so it looks clear to me that the winner of this match will become a WWE champion in the making.

    This match could be a career-making match, so when trying to pick a favorite I really had to look hard at their recent pushes. The IWC has given many different opinions on who will win this match, but I am going with Alberto Del Rio.

    Del Rio was pushed to the moon back in early 2011; his push ended when he was drafted to RAW after losing the World Title ladder match at "Extreme Rules." Del Rio has not been given a fair opportunity to shine on RAW, but it seems that his time is indeed now.


    Winner: Alberto Del Rio

SmackDown's "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match

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    Okay, so the video gives away my pick for this Sunday's MITB ladder match on SmackDown. This match has the potential to be a show stealer because of the variety of talent it holds.

    The stats on these ladder matches have been posted, so I'll spare you and won't repeat what I said on the last slide. As for my pick, I feel that Cody Rhodes is a future world champion and will become Mr. "Money in the Bank" this Sunday.

    Rhodes impressed a lot of fans and wrestlers with his feud against Rey Mysterio earlier this year. Rhodes has greatly improved since turning "ugly" back in January. He is poised to make a run as world champion this year.


    Winner: Cody Rhodes

World Heavyweight Title Match: Randy Orton vs Christian

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    Randy Orton vs. Christian has been one of the best rivalries in the WWE this year.

    Each time these two veterans have competed against each other, we (the fans) have witnessed a classic battle. I believe this Sunday will end the feud because Orton and Christian have worked against each other since April—the feud could grow stale very soon.

    I think this will be a very competitive match that will display how great of a heel Christian has become. This match could very well end with Christian gaining the title due to a "bad" call by the referee or by Orton getting disqualified.

    Either way, Christian has a shot at becoming champion this Sunday. I believe that Randy Orton will continue to reign supreme on SmackDown because, let's face it, there are not very many baby faces on SmackDown. The WWE needs a baby-face champion to work with the vast heel talent assembled on the blue brand. The Age of Orton will continue past this Sunday, but believe me, this match has the potential to be the best match on the card.


    Winner: Randy Orton

WWE Title Match: John Cena vs CM Punk

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    This, by far, has been the best storyline the WWE has had in 2011, if not in the past five years. I feel like this match will be epic to say the very least. Following Sunday, CM Punk is reportedly leaving the WWE and heading to Ring of Honor wrestling.

    This match has a lot of hype surrounding it. Last week, another stipulation was added: If John Cena loses the WWE title to Punk, he will be fired. I have a feeling this match will be a great main-event, and may come with a surprise ending. I believe that John Cena will survive CM Punk's wrath and retain the WWE title, but that won't be the lasting image of the pay-per-view.


    Winner: John Cena

Alberto Del Rio Will Cash in His MITB Contract and Become the New WWE Champ

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    I believe that Alberto Del Rio is ready to carry RAW as the WWE champion. Del Rio walking out of Chicago as the new WWE Champion—thus beginning the Del Rio versus Cena feud—will be the lasting image of the pay-per-view event.