Dawg's Two Losses: Was It Meant to Be?

Michael FosterFeatured ColumnistNovember 2, 2008

I'ts a phrase that always follows the definite ending to a sports season. Whether it be four games in, or at the final bell.

"Wait 'till next season," was the phrase uttered over and over by Georgia fans during and after the 49-10 "swamping" by our hated rival, the Florida Gators.

Even though four games remain, all hopes of an SEC championship, or a BCS appearance, have been thrown out the door. 

I'ts been a year full of irony, and set up for utter disappointment for Georgia fans.

For a team that was ranked number one in the preseason, it is insane to believe that Georgia was completely dismantled in the two biggest games of the season.

But think about how it happened. I'ts like a championship was never meant to be, for that number one team.

This team has all of the talent in the world. They have great coaching. We've seen them win big games. We've seen them over come adversity. This team IS good enough to win a national title.

But, in this ONE YEAR where we all really felt we could finally win it all, can we not as fans argue that something has been against us? Some strange force we can't even explain.

Alabama and Florida are incredible teams, and both in the national title hunt. But lets take a look at those games.

Its like, whenever everything came together, everything went against us.

How is it that a 'Bama team comes into Athens on "Blackout Saturday" and throws a 31-0 nothing lead on the board? I'ts a thought I still cannot fathom.

Remember when we recovered a fumble on the first possession against the Tide, but it was called back because of an "illegal hands to the face."

In reality, those illegal hands to the face didn't even affect the play. Two plays later, Alabama is up 7-0, and has all of the momentum.

Remember yesterday, when Georgia intercepted Tim Tebow with the score 0-0, but it was called back by an illegal hands to the face? Once again, the play wasn't even affected.

Twice yesterday, Florida got away with interference. Now, I don't blame the officials for missing the calls. Missed calls happen. But those missed calls just so happened to result in an 88-yard interception return, and a long TD pass.

Fourteen points Florida really didn't earn. Georgia was in the game, but a few missed calls later, it was all set in stone. We lost.

Why is it that an offense could outgain Florida, and look so great, but in the most pivotal parts of the game, fall apart?

How did we not connect on a wide open pass in the endzone? Stafford has been on target all year.

How did Knowshon Moreno fumble a pitch? He always protects the ball.

How did Blair Walsh miss two chip shot field goals? He could knock down a 50 yarder in his sleep.

We didn't get an onside kick. We had a big interception called back. Florida got away with countless penalties.

It was Alabama vs. Georgia all over again.

In both games, Georgia found every way possible to lose the game. They didnt necessarily play bad.

Georgia outscored 'Bama 30-10 in the second half of that game. Georgia outgained Florida yesterday by 20 yards.

What happened?

As frustrating as it may seem, it's like it was all meant to be.

It was a helpless feeling.

We still have a shot at an 11-2 season, which would match last years campaign.

But for some reason, I really miss last season.

But in times like these, you gotta' pick your head up. You have to look at the positives. Georgia is having another good year. This isn't something we haven't seen before.

Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno could return next season. We could get back Trinton Sturdivant and Jeff Owens. This team may still be coming together.

So before you guys get down on yourselves, realize we have a chance at an 11-2 season.

And remember, there is always next season. Maybe when we score vs. the Gators next season, we storm the field? Just a thought.

I am so disappointed over the result of the game yesterday. College football fans live for those moments, when the big stage arrives, and you're team has the opportunity to show the world how great they are.

And yet, when that moment comes, you're team doesn't even show up. It is a gut wrenching feeling.


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