Run Freddy T., Run: The Jags Should Have A Big Day Running Against the Bengals

Dwan SamuelCorrespondent INovember 2, 2008

As the Jaguars prepare for a huge game today at Paul Brown Stadium against the Bengals, they are focused on running the ball.  If Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones–Drew can put up big numbers today, the team will be provided with a much needed confidence boost. 

This is the game that can make a statement to the world that the Jaguars are not out of the picture yet.  The 0-8 Bengals are just as desperate to win today as the Jaguars are. 

Chad Ocho Cinco stated that, “If you turn on the film, we might be 0-8, but we’re not playing like it.”

I can finally agree with a statement made by Ocho Cinco.  This is rare.

The truth is that the Bengals have played some tough teams close.  They lost by a touchdown to the Ravens, a field goal to the Super Bowl Champs and they gave the Cowboys a run for their money.

What makes things worse right now is that they have nothing to lose.  The Jaguars feel the pressure of winning this game, while the Bengals know that they have almost no hope at a post–season.  It can be dangerous to play a team who has nothing left to lose, but the Jaguars are still hoping to have a huge game.

The Bengals are ranked 28th in the league for their run defense.  This could mean a big day for Freddy T. and MJD, but the Jaguars have prided themselves on their running game and being ranked at 14th in the league for rushing yards is nothing to brag about. 

If the Jaguars are going to salvage their season, this is the game in which they must do it. 

Offensive line coach, Andy Heck, was obviously vexed in his line’s performance against the Browns.  If the line has found a way to give Freddy T. and MJD some running room, we could finally see Freddy T. reach a career milestone that he has been trying to accomplish for the past few games.  He could also break the franchise record for most touchdowns (currently held by Jimmy Smith with 69). 

This could and SHOULD be a big day for Taylor. 

My prediction is that if Freddy T.  reaches his 11,000 career yards mark, the Jaguars will not only win, but they will make a statement and gain some much needed momentum for the remainder of the season…

So run Freddy T., run!