Is Christian Cage Heading To WWE?

adam smereckiCorrespondent INovember 2, 2008

There have been rumblings within the wrestling community about a Christian Cage return to WWE. Reportedly his contract is up soon with TNA and this leaves the door open to head back to the WWE.

Christian sure has made a name for himself away from the WWE and I believe this is the best time for him to make an "IMPACT" in the WWE. Of course I have no proof that Cage is returning but I would like to submit some evidence.

The following is a Blog entry from Jim Ross' website:

"Mr. Ross, thank you for answering my question a couple months ago. Here is another one. Rumors abound that Christian Cage will be coming back from his three year stint in TNA. Given the climate in WWE now(smaller-traditional champions, more wrestling), do you think Christian Cage has turned up his stock in the eyes of Vince with multiple World Title Reigns in TNA enough to get some recognition in WWE? I would love to see Christian reach the pinnacle, wouldn't you?!? Also, any likelihood of a four-Way Tag Team TLC Match(Miz and Morrison, Hardys, Edge and Christian, Dibiase and Rhodes)? That would be FANTASTIC!"

Sun, 10/19/2008 - 21:46 — hellbilly316
J.R.'s response:
"I don't know what the "state of the WWE" is or means but my checks have been clearing ok. Christian is a talent guy who I am happy I signed to the WWE and I'm sure he will make the best decision for him. The WWE would be stupid not to recognize his talent and they're not stupid."
Take this for what it's worth but I believe it points to a WWE return for Cage.