WWE/Impact Wrestling: Is Pro Wrestling Starting to Get Interesting Again?!

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIJuly 12, 2011

What makes Sports Entertainment (pro wrestling) great?

Moments….memories to look back on and say wow, this is one of the best moments in wrestling history.

Or simple moments that you couldn’t believe happened or went down.

This is what keeps fans tuning in to witness more exciting,great moments!

But in the past few years, fans have been disappointed and dissatisfied with the current Sports Entertainment product.

Fans still tune in, as they thrive for those great moments and memories that have fans talking years down the road.

More and more fans have been outspoken over the current efforts of leading company WWE and the other company establishing itself to rebuild, (TNA) Impact Wrestling.

If you ask a fan what period of time of Sports Entertainment/pro wrestling was their own personal favorite; they would most likely respond by saying “Attitude Era/Monday Night Wars.”

The reason for this is due to certain factors.

Eric Bischoff said a great statement and even titled a bestselling book after it, “Controversy creates cash”!

This has been missing as of late; we have also been missing the shock factor as well.

You can blame the Attitude Era for these reasons as well as we may have been too spoiled!

Now with only one main company dominating, we have fallen into a dry spell as moments have been lackluster and no shock factor has been displayed.

But things could be changing for the best.

Let’s go back to the word controversy…yes, it sells and it has been proven numerous times; controversy grabs attention!

CM Punk just recently proved this and continues to do so. When you have people questioning what’s going to happen next and was everything he was saying a shoot or not; you know you’re doing something right.

WWE/Vince McMahon knows this and they are running with it.

Two weeks ago, CM Punk created one of those moments that will be talked about for a long time. Punk brought controversy to the table as well.

This is a moment the fans have been waiting and searching for.

Since fans have been disappointed and dissatisfied, ratings have suffered somewhat and PPV buys have well.

But with the situation with CM Punk fans have been anticipating and actually wanting to purchase a PPV that is not WrestleMania.

WWE is in a time period right now where they haven’t been in awhile as the demand for top superstars have been on the rise.

But the turn for the better can happen this Sunday at Money in the Bank.

For the first time in a long time, no fan actually knows what’s going to happen…the term predictable has been thrown out for this event.

WWE has been heating up as of late and this Sunday could be their chance to seize the opportunity and create more buzz and to build new stars.



Now let’s turn our attention to TNA or um, Impact Wrestling.

Impact wrestling has been criticized the most out of the two companies as the company went from something new and fresh to the WWE wanna-be!

But for the first time in a long time, Impact Wrestling has been applauded for their recent efforts in their product.

There has been better quality matches on the program, interesting story-lines, and a new format that has sparked attention: the BFG Series (Bound for Glory).

This has also sparked attention in great up-coming talent like Crimson.

This past Sunday, Impact Wrestling went back to what made them in the first place: the X-Division.

When speaking of higher quality matches, you can give the X-Division some credit.

With the program getting better, there is still some elements missing to get Impact Wrestling where they need to be.

But one of those elements will soon be achieved as they will be hitting the road.

If you watch and compare the difference between the Impact Zone and shows on the road, there are two complete differences!

There is more energy on the road, and brings that buzz feel to the product and gives the wrestlers a big push.

Being at the Impact Zone could become stale not only to the performers but the fans who are watching at home as well.

Another change we could see possibly or should see is from going to taping events to going live.

Bischoff knows it best that being live is a different experience.

For the other changes that have been promised, who knows?

We will have to wait and watch to see what happens.

As things are turning around, you can’t help but to tune in as you want to see how thing progress.

So right now, fans should be excited for a change as Sports Entertainment/pro wrestling could be back on the rise! 






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