C.S.U. Who?

A.L. BenzContributor INovember 2, 2008

Well, I did a Google search on the 2008 Cleveland State Vikings and found a whopping two pages of hits, mostly consisting of an image of the team with their schedule. I think it is safe to say that this team is undercovered, as even my aunt's pet cat, Mr. A.J. Graves, creates more Google hits.

My quest for information on the Vikes is even more pressing given my geographic location. You see, I am located in New York, where the Cleveland Sports scene is not a high coverage priority.

Unlike native Clevelanders that can catch most games on local television, I am lamely stuck hitting the refresh button on Yahoo Sports to follow the action. I cannot even recap the game with my colleagues at work. Imagine the following typical conversation;

Me: Hey did you catch the Vikings game?

NYer: Ya, Minnesota trounced the Bears.

Me: ummm, no I meant the college basketball team.

NYer: Which team is that?

Me: The CSU Vikings.

NYer: OH, Colorado State?

Me: No.

Nyer: California State?

Me: Nope

NYer: Connecticut State?

Me: No! Cleveland State of the Horizon League.

Nyer: Isn't Cleveland a city?


Yep. Not a lot of CSU fans here in New York. Nobody knows Ken "the mouse" McFadden. Even our nicknames need some improvement. Hey Ken, for your nickname, let's try to pick an animal that is one of the smallest, fragile, and despised in the country. I got it the mouse! That will scare the competition.

But based on the relative success of the team in 2007, I think everything will change this season. If you bothered to count the AP rankings vote, it pits the Vikes at number 53!! Other respective sports sites have ranked the team in the 50 to 60 ranking position. If the team can win the Horizon and make some noise in the big dance, I might not be having this conversation next year.

Anyhow, I hope to write some articles on the up and coming Vikings this season, including a preview of the season sometime this week. Hope you can follow the team along with me!