Lions Sign Culpepper: For God's Sake, Why?

Keith SheltonAnalyst INovember 1, 2008

In the latest mind-boggling move by the Detroit Lions, they have reportedly inked veteran quarterback Daunte Culpepper to a two-year contract.

For God's sake, why?

First, the Lions had a veteran quarterback in Jon Kitna. He had back pains of some sort, but certainly not bad enough to keep him out for longer than a few games. Instead they put him on IR, apparently to give young quarterback Dan Orlovsky the chance to start.

Also, everyone's favorite backup, Drew Stanton, is on the roster. He was drafted in the seconnd round in 2007 and is yet untested, still waiting in the wings. 

The Lions are 0-7 with absolutely no hope of going anywhere this season. What does Culpepper do here? Should he become the starter?

The Lions don't need a stopgap veteran quarterback right now. Culpepper earning playing time would hinder the progress of Dan Orlovsky or Drew Stanton, and the Lions gain nothing.

Why start Culpepper over Drew Stanton? The Lions mantra for the last few weeks has been, "Stanton is not ready. He'll embarrass himself." Stanton of course, has not had a full preseason to practice and hasn't had many reps in regular season practice.

Well, Culpepper has been out of football completely for over a year. What makes anyone think he's any more ready to come into the Lions system and play than Drew Stanton is?

Why not give next preseason to Stanton? Give him the reigns for next year! Isn't that why Detroit drafted him?

Was Culpepper signed to be a backup? Well, that would just relegate Stanton to third string again for the next two years. I suppose it would put pressure on Orlovsky to play well or risk losing his job.

That couldn't be the case though, as Culpepper stated himself he wants to have a job and a chance to win.

Culpepper was a good quarterback at Minnesota, great even. But when he left, his production dropped dramatically. He was never the same and injuries caught up with him. He became the alter-ego of Donovan McNabb.

It might be admirable that Culpepper is trying to resurrect his career, but I don't see it working in Detroit.

I think this is just another mind-boggling move by the masters of confusion, the Detroit Lions.