Spurs-Liverpool: Out of the Red

David JacobsCorrespondent INovember 1, 2008

What a week full of treats for Tottenham fans this week. First, Spurs get a 4-4 draw with
Arsenal at Emirates including David Bentley's goal of the month entry.

Then, they win 2-1 against Champions League-worthy Liverpool (although Spurs didn't play their best by any means).

Just when you need a goal the most, good old Pav(-lyuchenko) is always there!

To be fair, Liverpool were all over Spurs. Dirk Kuyt caused many disturbances for the Spurs defence. Benitez placed Irish international Robbie Keane upfront with him to be sure (to be sure).

A magnificent link-up between Robbie Keane and Dirk Kuyt produced an even more magnificent goal from Kuyt. The ball was blasted above Heurelho Gormless' fingers and into the roof of the net after just two minutes.

From that moment on, Spurs played like they were scared stiff. There was more movement coming from Harry Redknapp.

Liverpool had a few cheap free kicks given to them by Phil Dowd, all because of yet more Spaniards. Dossena, the Italian, went down like a sack of potatoes in “agony” and a free kick was given. Another Spaniard got tripped a bit, stumbled and fell over.

This match incorporated a mass multiple throw-in competition to make a bit more work for the ballboys so that they deserve their pay.

Liverpool didn’t hold back for anything. Speedily they were running and passing the ball around fluently, running more rings around Spurs than there are on Saturn. Nearly each attack ended with a chance to score. Especially when they had Darren Bent almost helping them towards anther goal by standing in a funny position.

Gormless had a bit more work to do than he’s used to. After all, he is Brazilian.
Shots were coming from every angle and the crossbar seemed to demonstrate better goalkeeping skills. Kuyt came close to scoring a second time after a curled, crossed ball came towards his shin. He got a good hit on it, but the ball just whistled over the net.

At the 70th minute, Carragher headed the ball for goal number two—in his own net. Although, Ledley King attempted to claim the credit.

If anyone pulled their weight for Spurs today, it was Modric and Corluka. Modric showed his brilliance a few more times by moving at almost the same speed as Liverpool, making good passes and making a great shot through two Liverpool defenders’ legs and nearly scoring.

Corluka stood his ground well and cleared it when possible. He was also brave enough to run further up the wing and create a goal opportunity or two. But let’s just say that he’s still Cor-luk-ing for that magic moment.

For the entire match, Spurs looked worn out and submissive. In the last few minutes, Spurs made a few more rare appearances in Liverpool’s half and they were actually making something if it. The magic moment finally came on the stroke of full time.

David Bentley made a cracking shot on goal which was parried by Pepe Reina straight into the path of Bent. He generously threaded it through to Pavlyuchenko who tapped the ball into the left of the net to give Spurs their second vital—but undeserved—dose of three points in one game instead of the three points in nine games.

Liverpool had full control of the game and should have put the game to bed at halftime using the many chances they had. It took one of Spurs’ great runs—of luck—to help them win today.

To make this loss seem more annoying for Liverpool, they face Spurs at White Hart Lane again at the Carling Cup next month. Should be fun…but maybe Spurs might not be quite so lucky.

I can’t wait to find out!


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