Joe's Big Day

ExtremeRavens .comCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2008

If you were anywhere near Baltimore this weekend, it was hard to miss. The roars from the crowd in M&T Bank Stadium were audible all the way down in Fed Ex field. In fact, you could feel the excitement in the city as something new happened today in Ravens football…

Joe Flacco’s game was not the greatest ever by a Ravens quarterback. His numbers won’t win him any awards - at least not by themselves. He completed just 50% of his passes for only 140 yards, half coming on a single play.

But nonetheless, Flacco is the story of today’s win. Flacco and the offensive coordinator behind him.

The Ravens looked like a Pop Warner team on offense… getting the ball to their star player any and every way they could. In addition to throwing a 70 yard pass to Demetrius Williams (by far the longest play of the year for the Ravens), Flacco also showed his hustle in rushing for a touchdown on a beautiful gut-HB-option, and an old-fashioned gadget involving Troy Smith.

Watch all three of the big plays here:

There’s no question that today’s gameball goes to the rook. For now, he has to have silenced some of his critics - especially those claiming the Troy Smith brings more to the table with an ‘all-around’ game. Flacco proved that he could throw, run and catch.

And might I say… the route he ran, as well as the pass from Smith, were two of the best we’ve seen from a Ravens receiver-quarterback duo in quite some time. Why can’t Todd Heap or Mark Clayton just run past people like that? And why can’t our quarterback’s drop that ball in that way every play?

Regardless, the moment had to put a smile on your face if you love football…

UPDATE: Joe’s catch was ranked the #1 catch of Week 8 by NFL Network, here.