The Super Bowl: Top 10 Commercials of all time.

Evan CohenCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2008

Most people that will watch the Super Bowl every year turn the volume louder when the game comes on. Ok, not really. 

People turn the volume up so they can hear the commercials.  When people go to school, work, or talk to their friends, you don't ask about the game, you ask what comm

ercial you liked best?.

Here is my Top 10:

10. Doritos commercial from 2007 with the different characteristics of Doritos.

9. Sprint commercial from 2006 where the cell phone has theft protection. 

8. NFL Network commercial from 2005 where the NFL players sing about how they will make the Super Bowl next year.

7. Pepsi commercial, also from 2005, where P-Diddy goes to the music awards in a Diet Pepsi truck.

6. Its Coke commercial, but this one is from 07', the video game (take off of GTA) Coke commercial. 

Now the Top 5 you've all been waiting for:

5. Budweiser commercial from 2007 where they play rock, paper, scissors  over the last beer.

4. Pepsi commercial from 2004 with Jimi choosing between a guitar with a Pepsi machine next to it or an accordion with a Coke machine next to it.

3. Budweiser commercial from 2007 where they pick up the guy with an axe, which is a so-called "Bottle Opener."

2. Budweiser, again from 2006, where the stadium uses signs to show them drinking beer.

1. Budweiser from 2006 THE MAGIC FRIDGE

The thing I have learned, and you should have learned as well, is that no one can compete with beer companies in making commercials.