Islanders Goalie Rick DiPietro Out Four To Six Weeks

Nick DeSilvioCorrespondent INovember 1, 2008

Every weeknight, the show "Daily News Live" on SNY has a top five list. Just this week I was watching the program and the list of the day was "Worst Contracts in New York Sports." Marbury and Jerome James of the Knicks were on the list along with Luis Castillo and Carl Pavano, but Number Five on list intrigued me the most.

It was the goalie of the New York Islanders, Rick DiPietro, who has a 15 year contract worth over 67 million dollars.

The analysts said that hes a very nice player, but just can't stay on the ice.

I couldn't agree more with that statement.

Last year DiPietro was bothered by a hip injury and had off season surgery to repair it. He didn't enter the 08—09 season healthy, causing him to miss the first couple of games. Then, DiPietro was pulled out at the end of the 1st Period in a game against the Carolina Hurricanes.

It was originally thought that it was because he was not performing well in the game, (he did shoot the puck up the middle of the ice right into the stick of a Hurricane who scored an easy goal) but it was actually because of yet another injury.

Today it was announced the Rick DiPietro went under the knife yet again; but this time to repair a torn right  meniscus, and will not return for four to six weeks.

The bulk of the goal tending will be given to Joey MacDonald, who has played well in his starts so far, but the Islanders also plan to use former Canadien Yonn Danis who is making the start for the Isles against his former club tonight.

Danis has not started in an NHL game since '05, but is eager to prove that he belongs on the ice at the highest level.

Although losing DiPietro is a devastating for the Islanders, it will provide a chance for MacDonald and Danis to show us what they got, and hey who knows, they both may surprise us.