Sorry Charlie, Irish Program Hits The Pitts

robertContributor INovember 1, 2008

Notre Dame looks sluggish, unlike the once heralded and proud program that won multiple championships.  Charlie Weis must recognise that he needs better skill position players to compete with the big boys.  Fourth and one with 48 seconds and Charlie decides to go for it and they get stuffed.  Charlie is just desperate and that call proves that his job is in jeopardy.  

Pitt after the stuff throws an interception with 21 seconds left, all but taking this game to over time.  Pitt has advantage in OT due to Kicker Connor Lee which has one of the highest point totals of any active NCAA kicker.  The Notre Dames kicker has been less than stellar but has rebounded slightly by making his last 4 field goals. 

Pitt ran the ball into the tired secondary of ND and just looked like they controlled the line of scrimmage.  The only thing that helped the Irish was the sprinkler system that went on an gave the Irish an advantage on offense. 

The fact that the officials allowed that part of the field to be used is upsetting it is no different than the incident with a band cart being left on the field and breaking a players leg.  Pitt should have protested the decision and protected their athletes.  Wanny has to think out side the box. 

Pitt stops the Irish twice in OT and the kicker makes the field goal giving Pitt an opportunity to win with a touchdown.  Shady as McCoy is given the ball on third down and a yard and fails to get the first down which forces Pitt to take a field goal.

Pitt gets the ball to start the third OT and ND can not answer the bell three times in a row.  Pitt runs the ball right down the tired defense of ND and hold the Panthers to three points. Bostic has done a great job of not making the big mistake and that is the biggest reason for Pitt's win today at South Bend.  McCoy is awesome and ran all over the Irish even though the Panthers are a one dimensional running team without QB Stull.

The Irish start off the third OT with a third an nine and try a long ball.  Clausen gets sacked and now have to attempt a 48 yard Field goal.  It is good.  Irish Eyes were smiling on that kick and they are able to tie it up at 33-33 apiece.  The Irish start off the fourth OT and look sluggish and forced to another third down and five.  The Pitt defense holds again and they force the kicker to try again. The luck of the Irish is used up and they miss the missed field goal.

Pitt runs the ball to set up a field goal attempt for Connor Lee.  McCoy runs for 18 yards all the way down to the five yard line.  Pitt sets up for the field goal and down it on the five yard line.  Pitt wins! Pitt wins!