The Solution to the BCS

Brent EubankContributor INovember 1, 2008

I am sure that by now you have read at least 100 articles and seen everyone and their grandma's solution to the BCS.  So I am going to keep mine short and sweet.

This is a 24-team tournament. 

11 automatic bids: one for each league champion

13 at-large bids: the top 13 remaining teams using the BCS rating system


Week 1

Teams 9-24 play each other, while top eight rated teams get a bye.

Conference winners get automatic home berths.


Week 2

Winners of Week 1 will play the teams with the bye.


Week 3

Winners of Week 2 play—we are now down to the Final Four.


Week 4

Final Four teams play at neutral sites.


Week 5

National Championship Game is played at a neutral site.



- 24 teams divided by 120 total FBS = 20 percent of colleges reach the postseason (cuts down on pointless bowl games and teams that are 6-7, 7-7 receiving postseason games).

- Smaller non-BCS colleges have an opportunity to host BCS schools in the national spotlight.

- March Madness style makes it "win or go home."

- A clear National Champion is crowned.

- Possible "Cinderellas" emerge.

- All conferences have a championship game.

- Everyone has a shot at a national title, no matter how big or small your school is.



- Lots of money to University Presidents from schools that are perennial 6-7, 7-7 bowl eligible teams.

- Whole season is no longer "a playoff."

- A lot fewer football games for us to watch from Dec. 16-Jan. 8.

- No automatic for Independents (Notre Dame).

- No shared conference championships.


That is the end of my article, but if you are interested in how this would've looked last season, here it is.


Week 1

No. 9 West Virginia vs. No. 24 South Florida
No. 10 Hawaii vs. No. 23 Virginia
No. 11 Arizona State vs. No. 22 Texas
No. 12 Florida vs. No. 21 Wisconsin
No. 13 *BYU vs. No. 20 Tennessee
No. 14 *UCF vs. No. 19 Clemson
No. 15 *CMU vs. No. 18 Boston College
No. 16 *Winner of FAU/Troy (Sun Belt) vs. No. 17 Illinois


Week 2

No. 1 Ohio State vs. Winner 16/17
No. 2 LSU vs. Winner 15/18
No. 3 Virginia Tech vs. Winner 14/19
No. 4 Oklahoma vs. Winner 13/20
No. 5 Georgia vs. Winner 12/21
No. 6 Missouri vs. Winner 11/22
No. 7 USC vs. Winner 10/23
No. 8 Kansas vs. Winner 9/24


Week 3

Final Eight (higher seed with home game)


Week 4

Final Four (neutral sites)


Week 5

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME (neutral site)


* Conference winner—ranked to be in the top 16 only so they can have a home game and the No. 9 team is not on the road playing at the No. 24 team.

Home team