Five Reasons Why This Has Been One of Sports Greatest Years

Brian BrennanContributor INovember 1, 2008

1. Boston was embarrassed twice: The Patriots in February by my New York Giants and then the Rays embarrass the Sox in October. I wrote an article about this earlier and how Boston dominated last year but these last 12 months they really haven't. YES, the Celtics are the best team in the league and we all know that (if you deny it your crazy). America was able to enjoy Boston going down twice this year to two feel good stories.

2. Three 15+ year Championship droughts ending: The Giants winning the Super Bowl ended a 17 year drought (blame me, I was born August 15th, 1991!), The Celtics ending the 22 year "Curse of Len Bias", and the Phillies winning the cities first title in 25 years.

Long suffering fans (I include myself on the Giants) of all three teams were finally able to celebrate. Some of them not even remembering the last one (I include myself on the Giants) and they now could finally wear the Championship gear they watched their rivals wear for years. It was a good year for the long sufferer.

3. The Winter Classic: The outdoor NHL game is the best thing the NHL has done since the end of the lockout. The Sabres/Penguins game was an absolute spectacle to behold. This year with the Red Wings playing the Blackhawks at Wrigley Field I imagine the first time you see Wrigley with no ivy its going to be a little strange, but you'll get the sense that the NHL is back once again.

Speaking of the Blackhawks, that's another good reason to why this year ruled. They're back! Who isnt happy to see an Original six team that has sucked for 40+ years to be back on track? Its a good thing for the league to have the Blackhawks be good again.

4.The emergence of young stars: Aaron Rodgers, Christiano Ronaldo, Sidney Crosby, Joba Chamberlain, Kevin Durant, Dustin Pedroia, Rajon Rondo, Eli Manning, Cole Hammels, Evangi Malkin, Chris Paul, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, all had breakout seasons. The best of their young careers without a doubt. These stars appear primed to dominate their league for a very long time as new faces of the league.

5. Did I mention my favorite football team won the Super Bowl for the first time in my lifetime?