Eddie Arizmendi Ready to Take MW by Storm, Starts at M-1 Global on Showtime

Todd JacksonSenior Analyst IJuly 8, 2011

Eddie Arizmendi Jr. is one of those fighters on the fringe of this sport. Most casual fans have never heard of him, but those that have recognize the name immediately.

For quite awhile now, it has seemed like only a matter of time before “Crazy Face” earned a shot in a major show and proved the world what many fans already know.

What they know is this, Eddie Arizmendi is a fighter primed to take his place at the highest levels of the sport. There are many capable fighters chomping at the bit to break into mainstream MMA, and Arizmendi is one of the top prospects at 185. 

A former football prospect, Arizmendi had a tough upbringing surrounded by dark paths, he chose the brightest road and found athletics to be his saving grace.

As a Native American, Arizmendi is proud to represent his people as a shining light of hope across a community that has its share of struggles and pitfalls.

Now he has earned his chance at the big time with a chance to perform for one of the world's top MMA promotions M-1 Global. On July 8th, Arizmendi looks to make his debut on Showtime for the world to see exactly what it is that he brings to the table in the middleweight division. 

For those not in the know, what Arizmendi brings to the table is a devastating striking game, a lethal submission talent, and a gas tank to accompany both.

Standing at 14-4 he has not lost in over three years. He has finished almost 70 percent of his opponents across his career. He has only been out of the first round five times in 18 fights.

He is a wrecking machine that looms very large at middleweight having competed as high as light heavyweight. His frame could easily support him at either weight, but at 185, he is an absolute beast and force to be reckoned with. 

His opponent at M-1 Global Jason Norwood is a submission specialist with an impressive record of 11-2. He is no stranger to deep waters and should prove quite a test for “Crazy Face.”

Surely both men would like to chalk up a win and move one step closer to a shot at an M-1 Global middleweight title.

Earning that title will bring them both one step closer to gaining the recognition required to inch closer to a chance to fight in the top organizations in the world like Bellator, Strikeforce and of course, the UFC.

For those who have seen Arizmendi fight they know it is only a matter of time. Fans have seen him pull off lightning fast submissions or knockouts only to turn around in his next fight and put on a three-round war. He is a jack of all trades and equally dangerous in every facet.

The quality of every angle of his game is indicative of the camp Arizmendi calls home. Apex Mixed Martial Arts is one of the top MMA camps in the entire state of Arizona and boasts some of the sports top fighters in their stable. 

Bellator's inaugural bantamweight tournament runner up Ed West, the UFC's George Roop and Strikeforce's Chad Griggs all call Apex MMA home with Eddie Arizmendi. He is looking to become the next Apex fighter to throw his name onto the grandest stages of MMA.

Working closely with another up and coming fighter and amazing MMA coach Joey Rivera, all these fighters are pushed to their limits and educated on the most intricate and precise aspects of the sport.

Rivera has proven to be a premier trainer, coach, and fighter and many athletes in Tucson Arizona are following his lead into battle as he develops one of the premier rising fight camps in the southwest. Arizmendi is proud to call Apex home.

Once he showcases the skills he has sharpened under that banner, it is almost certain that he will ramp up to make big waves across the middleweight division in this sport.

With the sport evolving at such a rapid pace, the old school is on its way out as guys like Couture, Liddell, and many other pioneers pass through the barrier from active legends to MMA gods as they retire. 

It is the new school generation of fighters that will follow their lead, take the torch, and carry this sport to new heights many never even imagined. Arizmendi represents that new breed.

His aggressive approach combined with his dangerous abilities, and an eclectic combination of specialties make him a shining example of the new mixed martial artist.

Eddie “Crazy Face” Arizmendi is the real deal and he will make it apparent to the MMA world Friday night on Showtime when he takes his next steps in his impressive career under the M-1 Global banner. 

Remember the name, because very soon you may very well not be able to forget it.

This article originally featured at Hurtsbad MMA.