The Phillies Are Obsessed With the Mets

David GellerAnalyst INovember 1, 2008

Obsess- To think about something unceasingly or persistently; dwell obsessively upon something.


I would do my best to congratulate the Phillies on a great season, but they are making it awfully hard for a Mets fan to do right now.


Normally, it would be referred to as sour grapes when a team continually mentions another when they are totally irrelevant. But that would reflect a team that is losing. The Phillies are on top of the baseball world right now. So why are they still talking about the Mets?


When Victorino hit a clutch home run in the NLCS, he held up his finger for a moment of time. Whether that was a direct shot at Reyes holding up his finger after hitting a crucial three-run home run is unknown, but the Phillies players had no problem acknowledging it.


They posted a picture of Victorino’s pose in his locker, with the caption “Jose Reyes.” Why? Some say it was to highlight how silly Victorino looked and how he is better than that. If that is true, there is a lot of ignorance in that locker room.


The night before Reyes’s home run, Victorino did two not so commendable things in the same inning. When he hit a huge double in a rally during the ninth inning, he clapped ferociously right in Reyes’s face. Deliberately. If Reyes does that Rollins would most likely complain to the media saying, “That’s why everyone hates the Mets.”


Victorino managed to one up himself later in the inning. Instead of sliding or running through home plate to score, he stomped both feet on home plate, then stood on it for a second. So let me ask something, how is Reyes holding up a finger for a few seconds so much worse than Victorino’s double dip of deplorable celebrations? 


The discussion of the Mets didn’t stop there. During the series, Phillies General Manager Pat Gillick was quoted as saying this:


“If you want to know the best thing we had going for us this year, it was the fact that all the other teams in our division hated the Mets’ guts.  It started with Atlanta and all the hostility they had with the Mets through the years.  Then Fredi Gonzalez left Bobby Cox to manage the Marlins and he didn’t forget everything that went on between the Braves and Mets.  Look what Florida did for us the past two years… Washington doesn’t like them very much either, and all those teams seemed to really get up for the Mets.”


Right Pat, because I’m sure all the teams in the NL East love the Phillies. In fact, they probably colluded in spring training to lose all of their games against the Phillies, and then do everything possible to beat the Mets in their 19 meetings. Please.


The silliness of this comment, coupled with the timing of it made that statement comical. Your team that you put together is about to win its second World Series in over 100 years. How about you quit talking about the misery of a rival, and focus in on your own team? Crazy thought.


It doesn’t stop with team officials and players though. It stems all the way through the broadcast booth. During Friday’s coverage of the Phillies championship parade, Michael Barkann asked his co-host, Mitch Williams, “I wonder if Jose Reyes is watching,” then asking him,


“Do you have anything to say to Reyes?”


Williams then responded with, “This is what happens when you shut up and play.”


I’d like Mitch Williams to elaborate on that. Reyes has never said one negative thing about any opposing player, or team through the media. Despite all the scrutiny placed on him, he never points the finger. Yet he is being told to shut up and play by a team broadcaster whose players guarantee division championships, complain about their own fans, and start fights during the NLCS.


The Phillies are the gold standard of playing baseball right now, there’s no denying that. It’s just very disturbing how much venom and contempt they have for the Mets, considering they’ve beaten them the last two years. Frankly, it’s childish.


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