WWE: My Friday Night Smackdown 7/8

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIJuly 8, 2011

WWE: My Friday Night Smackdown 7/8

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    Hello Bleachers, and welcome to My Friday Night Smackdown!

    Before I begin, let's recap last week's show.

    Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett qualified for the MITB.

    Beth Phoenix defeated Tamina to continue her winning ways.

    After The Miz lost his MITB qualifying match he found another note. The note reads:

    "Miz I thought you were supposed to be the 'dirty' wrestler. Regal and Barrett just out did you at your own game. You will never get another World Title if you don't get serious about winning."

    On the back of the note was the letter "E."

    Who will qualify for the MITB tonight? Will the mysterious note writer be revealed? Let's find out.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

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    We open the show with our first match.

    It is announced that this is a tag team match. The winning team's members both qualify for the MITB.

    The Uso's make their way to the ring to a nice reaction.

    Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase make their entrance to good heat.

    DiBiase and Jey Uso will start off the match.

    Jey starts off by putting ted in a headlock. DiBiase throws him off and hits a shoulder block. DiBiase follows it up with a submission hold but Jey fights out of it. Jey hits a hip toss and then a clothesline before going for the pin. Jey gets a quick two count.

    Jey drags DiBiase over to their corner and tags in Jimmy. The two superstars hit a nice double-team move and Jimmy goes for the pin. Jimmy gets another two count and locks in a submission hold on DiBiase. Rhodes screams at DiBiase and tells him that he is ruining his MITB chances.

    DiBiase breaks out of the hold and hits a clothesline on Jimmy. DiBiase tags in Rhodes, who comes in with momentum. Rhodes attacks Jimmy with a fury of kicks and punches before hitting a snap suplex. Rhodes hits Jey with a cheap shot before going back to Jimmy.

    Rhodes hits a DDT and goes for the  Cross Rhodes but Jey runs in and hits Rhodes over the head. DiBiase comes in and takes out Jey. Rhodes grabs Jimmy again but Jimmy counters and goes for a DDT of his own. Rhodes counters that and hits the Cross Rhodes for the win.

    Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes have qualified for the MITB.

    Rhodes yells at Ted some more before leaving ring side, and we go to a commercial break.


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    The Miz is backstage flirting with Rosa Mendes. Miz tells her how awesome he is and says all his typical "Miz" things. Rosa asks him if he is so "awesome," then why did Alex Riley qualify for the MITB but he didn't? Miz gets angry and Rosa leaves.

    Miz is standing there getting angry when Matt Striker brings him yet another note. Miz looks like he is going to slap Striker but decides to just read the note instead. It reads:

    "Miz if you would worry about winning matches more than you worry about your ego you might actually become a Hall of Famer one day. Your former student Alex Riley is moving on with his career and you are stuck in a loosing street. I am begining to lose hope for you Miz".

    On the back of the note is the letter "O".

    Miz crumbles up the letter and gets even more angry. Miz tells Striker that he will show everyone here that he is the greatest WWE Champion in history.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

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    Mark Henry's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Booker T and Josh Matthews talk about how big of an impact Mark Henry could have on the MITB.

    Then, Kane's music begins and he makes his way down to the ring.

    Kane and Mark Henry start off the match with a test of strength. Mark Henry kicks Kane in the gut and clotheslines him. Henry picks up Kane and hits a slam. Next, Henry goes for the pin but Kane kicks out at one. Henry picks up Kane but he hits an uppercut. Kane then hits a right hand and a big boot.

    Kane goes for the pin but Henry kicks out at one. Both men are evenly matched as they begin to trade right hands. Then, Kane hits two rights and goes for a Clothesline but Mark Henry hits him with a shoulder block. Henry drags Kane over to the turnbuckle and Henry goes to the second rope.

    Mark jumps off the rope looking to hit an Elbow Drop, but instead Kane rolls out of the way. Kane hits his trademark dropkick on Henry while he is on the mat. Kane then goes for the pin and gets a two count. Kane stands up and gets ready to hit a chokeslam.

    Next, Kane grabs Henry's throat, but Henry kicks him in the gut and grabs him for a World's Strongest Slam. Henry goes for it, but Kane counters it and hits a DDT. Kane gets up and goes for his chokeslam again. Once again, Henry counters him, but Kane hits a sidewalk slam.

    Kane then becomes very upset and grabs Henry. Kane lifts Henry up in the Tombstone Piledriver and hits it on Mark Henry. The crowd goes crazy as Kane qualifies for the MITB.

Match 3: Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

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    Daniel Bryan is out first to a good reaction.

    Wade Barrett is out with his new theme and the match begins.

    Bryan goes for a punch but Barrett connects with a big right hand first. Barrett then hits a clothesline on Bryan and seems confident. Barrett throws Bryan into the corner and goes for a clothesline, but Bryan dodges it and hits a dropkick. Bryan goes for the pin and gets a one count.

    Bryan goes to the top rope to hit a move but Barrett knocks his legs out. Barrett then climbs onto the top rope and hits a Superplex on Bryan. Barrett goes for the pin and gets a close two count. Barrett picks up Bryan and goes for the Wasteland, but Bryan counters it and goes for the Labell lock.

    Barrett then manages to reach the ropes and forces Bryan to let go. Barrett turns around and hits an elbow to the face of Bryan. Next, Barrett hits a big boot and follows that up with a Wasteland. Barrett pins Bryan and picks up the victory.

    Barrett grabs a mic and tells all the fans that he will win the MITB.

    We head to commercials.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

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    Tyson Kidd is out first.

    Sin Cara is out next and the match begins.

    Kidd and Sin Cara start off with a few kicks, and Cara hits a hurricanrana that sends Kidd to the mat. Sin Cara hits a dropkick and then another hurricanrana. Kidd gets up and goes for a DDT. Sin Cara then counters into a float over DDT type move. He then goes for the pin, but Kidd kicks out.

    Sin Cara grabs Kidd, but Kidd hits a jaw breaker. Tyson goes to the top rope but Sin Cara jumps up onto it with him. Sin Cara hits his finisher for the victory.

    Sin Cara has qualified for the MITB.


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    The Miz storms down to the ring and throws Sin Cara out of it. Miz grabs a mic and says that he is sick and tired of people telling him what to do and how to do it. Furthermore, he is sick and tired of people talking about Alex Riley this and A-ry that. Miz says that he is going to find out who is writing these stupid notes and putting random letters on the back.

    Next, Miz says that he is issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back that wants to fight. He suggests that maybe Yoshi Tatsu, Trent Barreta or Hornswoggle want to come out and fight.

    The open challenge draws out this man...

Main Event: Randy Orton vs. Miz

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    Randy Orton makes his way to the ring with a great reaction. He tells Miz that if he wants a fight, then he can have one.

    The match begins with Randy charging Miz, but he runs out of the ring. Orton follows him and throws Miz into the steel steps. Miz tries to throw Randy into the barricade but Orton counters and throws Miz back in the ring. Miz starts stomping on Orton when they get back in the ring.

    Orton fights out of the kicks and hits a dropkick. Orton then sizes up Miz for an RKO, but again Miz runs out of the ring. Miz yells at Orton and tells him that he doesn't need this, and he starts to walk off. The referee is up to a count of five before Teddy Long comes out onto the ramp.

    Long says that the Miz wanted a fight and now he got one. Teddy makes this match a no count-out match and Miz is forced to fight. Miz then yells at Teddy, but by this time Orton is behind Miz.

    Miz turns around and hits an RKO. Long then says that now this match is a Falls Count Anywhere match. Orton smiles and pins Miz on the ramp for the victory.

    Orton celebrates and Miz stumbles to his feet looking embarrassed and angry.


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    For the third week in a row, Miz is wandering backstage, angry about another loss. Miz walks into his locker room and there on a chair is yet another note. This time it reads:

    "So you ask for a fight and then you chicken out of it? What happened to the kid that used to have no quit attitude and would take on all challengers. Since you lost your WWE Championship you have been reduced to your old talk show host days status. Talk shows are nice kid but you better back your mouth up in the ring."

    On the back of the note is the letter "S."

    Miz crumbles it up before letting out a scream that fades us into a black screen as we close the show.


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    That concludes My Friday Night SmackDown.

    What did you think of the show?

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