Who Should Be The Next Champions in WWE?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistOctober 31, 2008

WWE currently has three world titles (that is if you count the ECW championship as a world title) and the current champions are all great representatives of their brands. But who's next in line? Let me preview who I believe should be the next holders of the big three.

WWE Title

While Jeff Hardy is my favorite active wrestler, I have to give this one to Vladimir Kozlov.  He may not have a lot of camera time, but in his short amount he has emerged as one of the best heels in Smackdown history.  He manhandles everyone, including HHH, and when HHH is willing to take a beating from someone, that someone must have potential. 

If the creative team decides to put the WWE Title on him, not only would it be a good move for Smackdown, but it would do wonders for whoever they put over him when he finally loses the title.

World Heavyweight Championship

Currently, this is Big Dave Batista, who is a great champ.  He has been over with the fans for a couple of years now, and it seems that he may be in line for a future Hall of Fame position.  Batista is willing to put over the smaller guys, which is a good sign of a team player, but who should be the next champ?  Shawn Michaels. 

I know he is getting older and that's why I feel like one more run for Shawn is a good idea.  This way he can go out having recently been the champ, and he can put over almost anyone he wants to as he does it.  His size makes him ideal for putting over younger talent and he is definitely one of the best ever on the mic.

ECW Championship

While I would love to see Matt hold the belt for a long time, I think it's about time they threw a real title on Finlay.  He is getting older, better, and needs at least one prestigious title before he retires.  While I might not like the whole Hornswoggle angle, it has proven that Finlay can connect with the fans and also be a face.  If he doesn't win the belt soon he may not have another chance.

These are just some ideas for who should hold the big three belts next, but if you disagree please feel free to comment as I love to hear other people's opinions on this kind of stuff.