An Early College Football Top 25 List for 2008: Part Two

Oscar PSenior Analyst IJanuary 25, 2008

A few weeks ago, I drew out a Top-25 list for the 2008 college football season.

Much like this list, the article was written way too early, and with plenty of changes remaining.

This top-25 list attempts to make some changes after some early defections of players who left to enter the 2008 NFL Draft.

Like the last list, there could obviously be more research remaining, but this time I have actually done some research. I should not tell you all that because now you will just bash my article even more fervently.

The comments are meant to not be taken too seriously.

For the Notre Dame fan who posted a comment on my last top 25, if I say Charlie Weis has a front-butt, don't get your panties in a bunch; just be glad I still have your team ranked, and realize he has a front-butt.

Those of you who can't stand Notre Dame and can't understand why I would have them ranked, well I am with you. I confuse myself sometimes.

#25 - Notre Dame: Previously (#24) - Why did I drop Touchdown Jesus & co.? Because it is my list and I wanted to, that's why. Why are they ranked? To quote an old beer commercial: "Why ask why? (Try Bud Dry)"

#24 - Pittsburgh: Previously (NR) - The Panthers are growing on me like Dave Wannstedt's mustache. "Who wants a mustache ride?!? I do, I do!"

#23 - Mississippi State: Previously (#25) - The Bulldogs are either going to take advantage of momentum or their defense is going to implode. Let's go with the former for now. Whatever happened to Bud Dry anyway?

#22 - Alabama: Previously (#22) - Our first team to retain the status quo! Alabama fans better hope that doesn't mean another 6-6 season.

#21 - Penn State: Previously (NR) - I know I made one poster happy. Well probably not; he wanted them in the top 15.

#20 - Tennessee: Previously (#18) - I honestly contemplated dropping them out entirely. Last time the Volunteers lost Cutcliffe they really sucked. I know, I know, Tennessee sucks in general; but you get my point.

#19 - BYU: Previously (#23) - Apparently, praying to Mitt Romney is working. Where are those Latter-Day Saints when you need them? (Ding-dong!)

#18 - UCLA: Previously (#19) - Norm Chow. Why has he never been a head coach?

#17 - Wisconsin: Previously (NR) - Returning a lot on both sides of the ball in a weak Big-Ten Conference. Whenever I need a chuckle I think of someone from Wisconsin saying "Cheese!"

#16 - Texas: Previously (#11) - Apparently the Longhorns lost almost their entire defense. That might be a good thing though.

#15 - Kansas: Previously (#12) - Too many players left for a team that can not be too deep, and its schedule is harder. Oh yeah... "GET IN MY BELLY!"

#14 - Illinois: Previously (#16) - At least I know which judge to call when I need tickets to an Illini sporting event. (Look it up.)

#13 - Virginia Tech: Previously (#8) - I hope this is not the class of the ACC. As much as I make fun of the Big Ten, at least the Big Ten has Ohio State.

#12 - Clemson: Previously (#15) - Lose one star running back to early declaration and get better? I believe it.

#11 - Arizona State: Previously (#7) - Too high before. Too low now. I hope the cheerleading squad does not take offense.

#10 - Texas Tech: Previously (#13) - Do not be surprised if they give Oklahoma a run for the division.

#9 - Auburn: Previously (#17) - I think the Tigers are a strong possibility to win the SEC West.

#8 - West Virginia: Previously (#1) - In real life if you act like a crazy ex-girlfriend I will drop you too. You also lost a lot more than I thought on defense.

#7 - Oregon: Previously (#9) - Just because the Ducks lost Dixon and Stewart does not mean they will not be good.

#6 - LSU: Previously (#10) - The Tigers lost a ton of talent and they could finish the season with more wins. Go figure.

#5 - Oklahoma: Previously (#5) - Had to keep the Sooners here.

#5 - Florida: Previously (#5) - As my little quirk I will now have two #5 teams each time.

#4 - USC: Previously (#4) - Looks like there is some competition across town. Yup, you got it, the Bruin Condom.

#3 - Georgia: Previously (#3) - You know it is the off-season when the alcohol arrests start coming in. Tradition is a wonderful thing.

#2 - Ohio State: Previously (#6) - Returning 39 out of 44 in OSU's two-deep? I really expected more people to leave than just Vernon Gholston. Ridiculous.

#1 - Missouri: Previously (#2) - Return a ton of talent. Check. Get a year of experience. Check. Have an easier schedule. Check.


Dropped Out: Florida State (Do the Seminoles have a quarterback?), UCF (The team lost its star player.), Michigan (Drama. Does Tom Brady have any eligibility left?)

Teams I found hard to leave out: Washington, Georgia Tech, Miami, California, Cincinnati, South Carolina, Oregon State, South Florida, Virginia.