Give The "Old" Guy Another Chance

Isaac SmithAnalyst IOctober 31, 2008

Given #1: The Detroit Lions have won 31 of their last 102 contests.

Given #2: They NEED to do something about this discouraging statistic.

As a die hard Lions fan (yeah I said it) they are going to need a supernatural miracle to right the ship within the next 5 years. With the early injury of Jon Kitna, the team needs a competent man under center or in the gun. That man is none other than Daunte Culpepper. Say what you want about Culpepper, but the facts are that the Lions need a pick me up in the worst way possible and Culpepper is willing AND able to do so.

The Lions have had a few quarterbacks over the past couple years with Joey Harrington leading the cast of incompetent inexperienced quarterbacks. Culpepper, who now has 9 years of NFL experience under his belt is experienced and he tore the Lions apart when he was playing with the Minnesota Vikings. His experience doesn't just extend to his arm and ability to make decisions, but he also brings a valuable ability to the table. Tuck it and run. Unlike the slow typical pocket passer, he has the ability to run wild on a defense if left unguarded.

Although people rant about how Culpepper suffered a knee injury and how it has somewhat diminished his ability to run the ball. Culpepper is showing good mobility now after workouts with the Lions and he is improving each day he practices. Of course, Culpepper is not the only answer to the Lions woes. The offensive line needs some capable new faces on it as well. But, if the Lions do pick up Culpepper, it will be a large step in the right direction.

Forget the aging Kitna, Culpepper, just 31, still has at least 5 good years left in him. Give him some good blockers and we could be talking about the re-birth of the Lions. Don't hold your breath, but just know that the Detroit Lions NEED Daunte Culpepper. Give the "old guy" one more chance and see what he can do for us.