WWE Money in the Bank: The Most Memorable Spots in MITB History

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIJuly 6, 2011

WWE Money in the Bank: The Most Memorable Spots in MITB History

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    On July 17, it will be the return of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match as superstars from both Raw and SmackDown will attempt to climb the ladder and grab the coveted briefcase and gain a world title opportunity on their respective brand anytime up to a year. This match has been the launching platform for many men into superstardom and main event status, while for others their ticket back to glory.

    But the Money in the Bank Ladder Match also has been one of the most exciting and dangerous matches ever. Never has a Money in the Bank match failed to disappoint in the eyes of the fans, and we have seen some of the most dangerous spots ever done in these matches.

    Each match has been able to deliver at least one or two amazing moments, moments that make our jaw drops and leave us in awe.

    What are the greatest Money in the Bank spots and moments? Let's find out.

WrestleMania 21: Shelton Benjamin's Jaw Dropping Clothesline

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    The original Money in the Bank moment.

    WrestleMania 21 was host to the first ever Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and it sure as hell made an impact.

    Revitalizing the ladder match concept, this match damn near stole the show on that night and provided us with some of the craziest moments ever. But one man managed to steal the show in that match: Shelton Benjamin.

    His performance in the match was absolute and would be topped off by one of the most unbelievable spots ever in a ladder match.

    As Chris Jericho was reaching for the briefcase, Shelton Benjamin suddenly ran right across a ladder set up against Jericho's and clotheslined him right off of it!

    It was one of the most stunning and athletic moments anyone had ever seen and would begin Benjamin's reputation as perhaps the greatest MITB competitor ever.

WrestleMania 22: Shelton Benjamin's Insane Senton

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    Thanks to popular demand, the Money in the Bank Ladder Match returned at WrestleMania 22.

    While not as good as the original, this match definitely did not disappoint and would help make the Money in the Bank Match an annual event for WrestleMania.

    And just like last year, Shelton Benjamin proved to us all that he is freakin' insane.

    His performance stole the show in the match once again. He showed us why he is perfect for this match when he ran across a ladder a set up on the ropes, and jumped off of it over the ropes. landing a freakin' senton onto three opponents.

    Shelton Benjamin is without a doubt a freak of nature.

    P.S. I'm sorry I didn't get a specific video of the spot, but this video includes the spot, so just skip right to it.

WrestleMania 22: RVD's Epic Five-Star Frog Splash

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    WrestleMania 22 was held in Chicago, Illinois—an old-town favorite for ECW events in the past. So it was only natural that the hot crowd was behind RVD the whole way to win.

    You had to expect RVD was going to do something crazy in this match.

    And crazy he did.

    Near the end of the match, RVD climbed atop a ladder, and after giving his signature Rob Van Dam thumb gesture, he delivered a huge Five-Star Frog Splash onto Finlay.

    While not as big or dangerous as other spots, this moment felt completely epic. Assisted by the hot crowd and atmosphere, this spot stands out to me as memorable at WrestleMania.

WrestleMania 23: Jeff Hardy's Leap of Faith

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    WrestleMania 23 may have been host to perhaps the greatest Money in the Bank Ladder Match ever. The most star-studded ever, this match had just about everything a ladder match could have and was insane from start to finish.

    And once again, Jeff Hardy proved to us all why he is the ultimate risk-taker.

    Jeff Hardy had the chance to win, but Matt placed Edge onto a ladder and enticed Hardy. Unable to resist the risk, Jeff Hardy climbed a 20-foot ladder and, in one of the biggest moments ever, dove off of it, delivering a big-time leg drop to Edge right through the ladder!

    It was a WrestleMania moment, and would redefine how ladder matches would play out in the future.

    This can also be considered payback for Edge spearing Jeff at WrestleMania 17.

WrestleMania 23: Randy Orton's Awesome RKO from a Ladder

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    Despite both Jeff and Edge being taken out, the WrestleMania 23 Money in the Bank Match continued. It was anyone's ball game, and some of the most dangerous spots followed as each man vied for the precious briefcase.

    But it was Randy Orton who outdid everyone outside of Jeff Hardy in that match.

    As he and CM Punk battled across two ladders, Orton got the better of the battle, and in one swift moment, RKO'd CM Punk off the twin ladders and down to the canvas.

    It remains to this day one of Randy Orton's best RKO's, and an underrated WrestleMania moment.

WrestleMania 24: Morrison's Breathtaking Ladder Moonsault

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    WrestleMania 24's Money in the Bank Ladder Match would be the only match to have seven competitors, and perhaps the only one with no clear-cut winner.

    This Money in the Bank Ladder Match was probably the most dangerous and innovative of them all. You'd be blown away by some of the stunts pulled.

    But one of the stars in this matchup would have to be none other than John Morrison.

    In one of the craziest moments ever, John Morrison grabbed a ladder, scaled to the top rope and delivered a ladder moonsault to four competitors outside the ring!

    This one of the many reasons why I love John Morrison, and this may have been his WrestleMania moment.

WrestleMania 24: Shelton Benjamin Nearly Kills Himself

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    At WrestleMania 24, Benjamin, for the first time, had competition as the show-stealer of the MITB match in Morrison, who already made his mark with his ladder moonsault. So Benjamin had to go full throttle in this one.

    But yet once again, Shelton shows us how freakin' insane he is with this spot.

    As Shelton goes for the briefcase, Kennedy and Carlito stop him and tip the ladder over. Shelton, the poor soul, falls off of it, out of the ring and right through a freakin' ladder! I don't care who you are, that was insane!

    The faces of Carlito and Kennedy tell the whole story right there! It's a wonder Shelton didn't kill himself!

WrestleMania 25: Shelton Benjamin's Death-Defying Dive from 20 Feet

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    WrestleMania 25 is a WrestleMania I hold dear to my heart, as it was the first I attended live in my home state of Texas.

    With that being said, the Money in the Bank Ladder Match was once again an insane affair with the likes of Kingston doing stuff we've never seen before.

    But Shelton just can't seem to go through one of these matches without trying to kill himself, can he?

    One by one, the competitors began diving on top of another from the ring to the outside. Shelton, not to be outdone, scaled a 20-foot ladder, dove off of it and onto the others.

    It's a damn shocker that he never won this match.

WrestleMania 26: Evan Goes Air Bourne

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    WrestleMania 26 would be the last WrestleMania to host the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and the only one to have 10 competitors in it. While it was a failed experiment, it did not disappoint, and each man became determined to create their own WrestleMania moment.

    It is sufficient to say that young Evan Bourne did just that.

    Bourne and Christian battled across a setup ladder in the ring, and as Christian was knocked down to the ground, Evan nearly lost his balance and stood on his foot, but in an amazing moment, he nailed Air Bourne from the ladder to Christian.

    That moment has been one of the most used clips for WrestleMania, and Evan certainly made his mark in this matchup.

Money in the Bank 2010: Kofi Kingston Boom Drop from a Ladder

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    The Money in the Bank Ladder Match had become so popular that it earned its own PPV last year, and a MITB match would be held for both brands. It would be only the second time we would not have Shelton to astound us, but in the SmackDown MITB, Kofi Kingston assumed the role.

    In past matches, Kofi Kingston astounded us with his leaping and athletic ability, but he never gave us that extreme "OMG" moment.

    But on the PPV last year, Kofi did just that.

    With Drew McIntyre laid across the announcer's table, Kofi set up a ladder, climbed it and delivered a death-defying Boom Drop off of it through the announcer's table.

    Now that right there is a Money in the Bank Moment.

Money in the Bank 2010: Randy Orton's High-Altitude RKO

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    On the same night, it was now time for the Raw Money in the Bank Match.

    With some big-time star power and some hungry mid-carders, this match proved to be a big-time car wreck. Yet, it was hard to find one spot that managed to stand out from all the rest.

    But in the end, Randy Orton, in my mind, gave us that moment.

    Nearing the end of the match, Edge and Jericho fought on top of the ladder for the briefcase. Edge managed to knock Jericho down a few rungs, and that was all Orton needed as he jumped 10 feet into the air and caught Jericho with a RKO!

    Now when you see this RKO, it is hard not to be impressed by this!


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    The Money in the Bank Ladder Match is without a doubt the most exciting match in professional wrestling today, and there is no doubt we will be treated to some more MITB moments come July 17th in Chicago.

    Who will climb the ladder and grab the briefcase? Who will earn that coveted world title opportunity? Who will become known as Mr. Money in the Bank?

    It is definitely going to be a wild night in Chicago, and please leave your thoughts in the comment section, and tell me if you agree or disagree with my list.

    Thank you for reading and have a nice day.