It's Official: Tottenham Are a Joke Club, If You Don't Believe Me Buy The DVD!

kenny smithContributor IOctober 31, 2008

This is how I imagine the Tottenham Hotspur boardroom looks.

Spurs sold their two best players in the summer and are bottom of the league. So what does a club run by clown's do . . . release a DVD of a game in which they only managed to scrape a draw!

Let's break this down and have a proper look at this monumentally crap decision.

Are spurs so ambitious that they are willing to release a DVD of every game that they manage to draw?  Or is it just a cunning plan to get back some of the money they wasted in the summer transfer window?

I hope for the Spurs fans sake it's the latter, because if Tottenham go on a run of drawing games then the fans will be skint!

Last season they released a DVD of them beating our U19's in the Carling Cup.

At the time I felt embarrassed for Spurs fans. Why? Because the club was so happy that they managed to beat a team of teenagers in a mickey mouse cup that they felt the need to put it on a disc and sell it.

Now I thank God I'm not a Spurs fan!

Harry Redknapp said Spurs are a big club. Spurs fans and staff all think they are a big club ... so why oh why does a club as massive as Tottenham release a DVD of a game they only managed to draw?

A big club has big ambitions. This shows Tottenham have no ambition.

OK last season's Carling cup win was against your biggest rivals but it was your biggest rivals YOUTH TEAM!

Can you imagine if Spurs put out their U15's in a game against the Arsenal first team and we won and released a DVD about it?

I feel sorry for you Spurs fans, things might not have been going well for you recently but you should question your club's ambition releasing a DVD of a drawn game.

I'll tell you what, I will do you a favour.

I will personally be contacting Arsenal FC asking them to release dvds of every Derby game for the last nine years of which you haven't managed to beat us. That way Tottenham Hotspur don't have to spend a penny making the dvds.

I recommend last season's two league derbies.

Remember the game at White Hart Lane where Cesc Fabregas scored a 30 yard screamer and Emmanuel Adebayor scored the goal of the season? Or the return fixture at the Emirates when Robbie Keane missed a penalty and Nicklas Bendtner scored the winner?

Which one would you like to see more?

Let me know and I'll see if i can get AFC to make them up for you. Or if you prefer previous season's we can do that as well. There are nine of them so lots to choose from.

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