CM Punk Meltdown: 10 Predictions for His Career Once He's Done with WWE

Justin Welton@JustinWeltonAnalyst IIJuly 9, 2011

CM Punk Meltdown: 10 Predictions for His Career Once He's Done with WWE

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    We have all heard that CM Punk will be leaving the WWE after the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. He made his derogatory comments about a select few people on Monday Night Raw, including ownership.

    Where does he go now? That is the million dollar question, a question that we will find out very soon.

    Here are my 10 predictions for his post-WWE career.

No. 10: Tough Enough

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    This one seems pretty bleak, but who knows, maybe Punk signs with the WWE in a couple of years.

    CM Punk could take his wrestling knowledge to WWE's Tough Enough. We have seen Stone Cold, Booker T and Trish Stratus, just to name a few, take their knowledge to the program.

    Punk claims to be the best wrestler in the WWE, so I am sure he could teach a thing or two.

No. 9: Disappear

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    Maybe he will just go away for a little bit and be quiet. I like CM Punk as a wrestler and entertainer, so hopefully he doesn't do this.

    If he wants to be the star and main event headliner, chances are he won't disappear.

No. 8: Retire for Good

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    Could he take some time off and retire for more than people think? It seems unlikely, but it is possible.

    In the end, I think he is going to wrestle for another company.

No. 7: Public Speaker

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    Whether he is talking about his history with wrestling or his life and what he has achieved/been through, I wouldn't mind listening to him.

    When he was ranting about the WWE and how unfair he has been treated, I listened. He was easy to listen to.

    After wrestling, whether it be after WWE or any other company, he could become a speaker.

No 6: Become an Actor

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    He said that he was never asked to do a movie or television show, but would he consider it if he was asked? I think he could, and he wouldn't be too bad, either.

    There really hasn't been too many quality movies that involved WWE wrestlers recently, so why couldn't Punk give it a shot?

No 5: Announcer

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    CM Punk wasn't the worst announcer in WWE history, but he wasn't the greatest, either.

    If you ask Punk, he was the greatest announcer of all time. He wasn't as good as he thinks, but he wasn't awful to listen to.

No 4: Wrestle for Unknown Company

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    We heard him mention Ring of Honor and Japanese wrestling, but could he go somewhere that isn't known? Probably not.

    He will probably go to ROH or TNA instead of an even more unknown wrestling company.

    If he wants to headline a known wrestling company, anything less than ROH or TNA would be the wrong decision.

No 3: Japanese Wrestling

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    CM Punk mentioned how he could take his talents to Japan. I don't know how serious he is about that, but you never know.

    I think he would be more suited to stay in the States rather than go to another country.

No 2: Ring of Honor

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    We heard CM Punk mention his previous days with Ring of Honor. Is this something that he is seriously considering? It is highly possible.

    I think that if he wants to be the main focus in a wrestling company, ROH would be a great suit for him. But, if he is looking to be a known star, ROH wouldn't be great for him.

No 1: TNA

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    CM Punk could do what so many others have done, and that is join TNA.

    Punk mentioned how he could wrestle in Japan or Ring of Honor, too.

    I think TNA would be a great destination for Punk. He mentions how he wants to be the main man for the industry because he deserves it. He also wants to be on "programs and main events" too.

    TNA can provide both of these structures for CM Punk. This is why a likely destination for Punk is on TNA.