WWE/WCW: Top 5 Worst Moments of Title Prestige Destruction

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIJuly 6, 2011

WWE/WCW: Top 5 Worst Moments of Title Prestige Destruction

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    Without a shadow of a doubt, the most important item in every single wrestling promotion worldwide is the Championships. Those belts are the motivation for wrestlers to wrestle, as without them they are just wrestling without a goal. How wrestlers behave, present themselves and wrestle is very significant because it'll determine whether they are imaginary brass rings or precious, prestigious titles.

    Mr. Perfect brought large amount of prestige to the intercontinental championship because he wrestled his soul for it. He showed to the fans that he cared for the belt like it was a part of the perfection that is him. Shawn Michaels lost his smile because he had to give up the WWE title, and the emotion he had bursting out of himself showed the fans that the title was his baby.

    Nowadays, the title belts are little more than props for the wrestlers to wrestle for, and I hate to admit that. The world titles that are talked about are a big deal, but the other belts are not that big of a deal unless the wrestler takes it upon him/herself to make it a big deal or the belt is part of a storyline.

    It's now bad enough that I consider the prestige level of the WWE championships as smack in the middle. What I mean by that is imagine a scale showing the lowest point a championship belt and the highest point, and it'll be at the midpoint of that scale. That's what today's titles are at in terms of prestige!

    You can drag titles through piles of excrement, and they can still hold some amount of prestige in comparison to the five worse moments of a title losing it's prestige to a dangerously low level. So take my hand as we journey through the time machine of YouTube videos to witness these tragic moments! 

Alundra Blayze Trashing the Women Championship

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    There was an explanation to why Vince McMahon screwed Bret Hart out of the WWE title. There ia justification to why McMahon does not want CM Punk to leave the WWE, even if it's just an entertaining story line. That reason is all because of one despicable act done by a women who is known as Alundra Blayze and as Madusa.

    When she was under the name of Alundra Blayze, she won the WWE women's championship in 1993 in a tournament, as the women's championship has been vacated since 1990. She held the belt on three separate occasions during her WWE run.

    Due to financial troubles the WWE had to let Blayze go, but luckily for her, the WCW welcomed her with a fuzzy, warm embrace. While in WCW she still had possession of the WWE women's championship, which gave Eric Bischoff a brilliant idea for gaining ratings and the death kneel for the women's championship.

    Blayze took the women's championship and threw it into the trash. That one act was very destructive, as it sucked the prestige right out of the belt. It got McMahon so huffy puffy over the act, he made the championship inactive until it was reactivated again in September 1998.

    This also meant that Sunny, who is considered the first prototypical WWE Diva, was not a champion. It's unfortunate the championship was inactive during her time, as she might have a good champion and brought prestige to the championship belt. Sadly, it didn't pan out. She was mostly in a manager role, anyhow. 

    But what Blayze did to the women's championship is not the worst thing that could happen to the belt.

LayCool Destroying the Women Championship

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    If you think literally trashing a championship is bad, that is nothing in comparison to physically destroying the championship. Oh please, don't tell me you've forgotten LayCool's little tug-of-war with the women's belt which broke the championship in half. As Randy Orton would say, "Stupid, stupid!"

    Seriously, whoever's idea it was to physically harm the belt needs a lot of physiological assistance, as you just don't do that to one of your championships. Doing so literally kills the prestige of the championship and makes it nothing more than a broken legacy. Why you think fans voted for the Diva championship to remain and for the women's championship to be sent to the championship graveyard?

    Watching the championship get torn in half brought more tears to my eyes than seeing Marley get put down at the end of Marley & Me.

RVD Loses the WWE Championship for Violating the Wellness Policy

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    Rob Van Dam won the Money in the Bank match which the reward was a briefcase with a contract inside, which he can cash in for a world-title match at any time and any place. He decided upon the WWE Championship and challenged John Cena at the 2006 One Night Stand PPV. He won, thanks to the now-retired Edge scaring the fruity pebbles out of Cena.

    Paul Heyman gave RVD the reinstated ECW Heavyweight Championship. RVD decided to not merge the titles and to defend them both. Besides, one of them spins and the other look like it was worded in blood! Needless to say, RVD was riding a career high, as he was at the most successful point in his career.

    Now here's the kicker, as RVD was arrested for getting high while driving. A wrestler who had the honor of carrying two World Championships decided to throw it all away over weed. He ended up getting suspended and embarrassingly losing both titles, back-to-back within a two-day span.

    The WWE Championship lost little of its prestige, as the next champion was Edge, who was able to maintain its prestige. The ECW championship took a hit, leading to a nosedive where the fans did not even consider the championship as a world title—the end of the WWE's ECW.

Shane Douglas Throws Down the NWA Title

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    National Wrestling Alliance Championship can trace its lineage all the way back to 1905, when Georg Hackenschmidt was the first one to hold the title. The NWA Championship could be considered one of the most prestigious championship in pro wrestling ever.

    The promotion was a force to be reckoned with back in the era when pro wrestling had territories. But by the 1990s, it was regulated to various independent promotions due to the WWE, WCW and ECW taking much of the spotlight, in terms of television. 

    The championship took a hit when Shane Douglas slandered the NWA and threw the belt down, declaring it to be the new ECW Championship. This single act was a blow to the promotion and tarnished the legacy and prestige of the championship. Ironically, the destructive actions of Douglas helped the prestige of the ECW championship, while at the same time he proverbially pissed on the NWA Championship.

David Arquette Wins WCW World Championship

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    I don't give a damn if it's mainly just a twist in a storyline that no one would have ever conceived or just a way to be unpredictable.

    No creative team, writer or booker should have someone who is a non-wrestler win a world championship, or any championship, for that matter. It's not believable that someone who is not a pro wrestler could pin a pro wrestler. That's as ridiculous as the idea of me making Brock Lesnar submit in a MMA match when I have no MMA skills.

    Vince Russo thought it was a phenomenal idea to have David Arquette win the WCW World Championship. He's an actor, which means it's his job to act in movies where he runs in fear from a knife-wielding ghost face and from giant spiders, not wrestle. Regardless of him being an actor, he was still booked to win the WCW Championship.

    It would have been more credible if Hornswoggle pinned John Cena for the WWE Championship than some actor winning ANY championship.

The End

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    Thanks for walking aside me on the yellow brick road of destruction where we saw the tombstones of prestige and hellish moments in wrestling history. I know as long as pro wrestling is around, there will be more moments where championships lose their prestige.

    Luckily, with my positive outlook at life I also know there will be more moments where we see championships in all their glory. 

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