Carrying On About College Football: Interactive Weekend!

Tim CarySenior Analyst IOctober 31, 2008

If you're like me, you're anxiously awaiting another great weekend of football.  It just feels like Friday, doesn't it?

It's almost time to see if Texas Tech is for real.

It's almost time to find out what kind of excessive celebration the Gators have been plotting for a solid year.

It's almost time to see if Tulsa can hang its usual 55 when it has a BCS-conference opponent to deal with.

It's almost time to find out if USC/Washington will be as ugly as it looks on paper.

It's almost time for rivalries like Kansas/Kansas State...or Eastern Michigan and Western Michigan.

It's almost time for another service-academy special...over/under on combined pass completions in Air Force/Army is officially hereby set at 4.

It's almost time for college football.

Don't forget to keep a notepad handy and send in announcer quotes, amazing highlights, ridiculous stats, mailbag questions, and whatever else you want to see profiled in this week's Carrying On About College Football (published on Bleacher Report late Sunday night).

Also, there's two exciting pieces of news you should know.

#1.  "Carrying On" has a new e-mail address.  You can now send your submissions to, as well as to  Eventually, the football address will phase out, as "Carrying On" will be revamped to expand its horizons and touch on other sports (not just NCAAF) throughout the year.  Remember, either address will work for you this Saturday and Sunday when you send in your thoughts and tidbits.


#2 Even more exciting than #1 (I know, that doesn't take much) get to pick this week's Diamond in the Rough!  Yes - you!  VOTE NOW! While the media spotlight is trained on Florida/Georgia and Texas/Texas Tech, there are other games worth digging into....I've narrowed the field down to two that interest me, and you get to decide the winner.



Last year's Football-Championship-Series darl...oh, forget it, that's too hard to type!  The three-time FCS/1-AA/whatever it's called this week national champions hit the ESPN airwaves for a showdown with fellow Top-5 squad Wofford.


A pair of 5-2 teams battle to become bowl-eligible under the shadow of the golden dome in South Bend.


You pick - want some more in-depth knowledge about everybody in Ohio's favorite team (App. St.?)  Or want to find out if Pitt can recover from an ugly game last week?  Want to know if Charlie Weis's team is for real?

You decide this week's Diamond in the is open now and closes at the end of Saturday night...then check "Carrying On" Sunday for a complete wrapup of everything college football!