WWE and CM Punk: What Should Happen in the Coming Months

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIJuly 5, 2011

With all the buzz over CM Punk’s "shoot" on Raw last week and having had enough time to digest it, the ol’ noggin got working and I came up with the way I would like the story to play out, if it is a storyline that is.

Like all plans, it probably has its flaws and a few kinks that could be worked out by people who plan these things for a living, although some of the idiots would probably struggle to do so. 


Money in the Bank WWE Title Match:

My plan has CM Punk winning the strap here and not just because I’m sick of this John Cena shtick every week, but because it makes sense.

Obviously, the most attention would be on Cena being "fired" but something as major as Punk taking the WWE Championship out of the company wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle.

The next night on Raw, have Vince fire Cena and show a video of CM Punk hanging out with friends with the WWE title, taking it to FCW, etc. just to make people believe he is actually gone.

The next week on Raw, have Nexus interrupt and ruin the main event leading to CM Punk walking to the ring with the belt, while announcers hype it as being shocking, etc.

Punk cuts a promo demanding that Vince McMahon meet him in the ring, which he does. Punk then says he is willing to stay on two conditions—he can keep the WWE title and he is immune from suspensions and termination or any other form of disciplinary action. Reluctantly, McMahon agrees and they sign a contract.

But, as Punk is leaving the ring, Vince says that he shouldn’t be so happy because now that he is staying, John Cena is reinstated and Vince is going to make it his goal that Cena destroys Punk and brings the WWE Championship back around the waist of a team player.

Cena then storms the ring and cleans house, putting Nexus through the announce table and into steel steps.

Vince announces that Cena gets his rematch at SummerSlam.


Weeks leading to SummerSlam:

We see various video packages showing CM Punk at Vince’s house, trashing his family, destroying family valuables, dissing his kids, etc. We then see Punk turn his attention to Vince’s daughter and grandchildren and it gets really personal—more personal than Orton made it a few years ago.

Finally, we get our long-awaited match at SummerSlam.

Typical grudge match with everything including referee bumps. While the referee is down we get interference from Nexus, who is dealt with by Cena. Punk goes for the GTS, misses and eats an Attitude Adjustment. Then, out of nowhere, Vince nails Cena with a chair shot to the head and Cena blades for effect.

Punk gets a hand on Cena’s chest and the referee counts a slow three count as Punk retains. Vince and Punk celebrate and embrace to end the show.


Weeks leading to Survivor Series:

Vince declares that all this was his idea, all the way from that shoot in June. Vince blames declining ratings and a decline in product quality and claiming he is tired of this "Superman Cena BS" and that five years is long enough.

Eventually, this leads to a traditional Survivor Series elimination match between Team Cena and Team Punk, which Cena wins, bringing the championship back to Superman.

After the match, Punk attacks Cena and prepares to lay him out with the title when the lights go out. When the lights come back on, we see an unconscious Punk being carried up the rank in the shape of a cross by Undertaker's druids (Taker will have faced HHH at SummerSlam and disappeared again).

As Cena is watching in shock with the referee, Alberto Del Rio lays him out from behind and cashes in his money in the bank briefcase (which he won at MITB) and captures his first world title.


The Aftermath:

Cena enters an average length program with Del Rio which ends with The Rock screwing Cena out of the title at the Royal Rumble, turning the attention to the pair's WrestleMania match and freeing up Del Rio to possibly face the winner of the Royal Rumble.

Undertaker enters a lengthy program with Punk and Nexus to gain revenge for them burying him alive a year earlier, which culminates in a Punk vs. Undertaker WrestleMania match.

I realize this plan isn’t perfect, but I’d wager its better than some of the stuff WWE Creative could conjure up. It gives WWE its big summer story, sets up a nice build to WrestleMania, makes Vince a relevant character again and hopefully makes the product more interesting.

Alberto Del Rio gets his WWE Championship and is free to have a championship match at WrestleMania.

That leaves the WrestleMania card with four big matches—the two World Championship matches, The Streak match and The Rock vs. Cena. Not a bad card if you ask me, and that’s without any of the second-tier matches which have the potential to be decent bouts.

Happy days for WWE and hopefully for the WWE fans!