Future of Wrestling: The Stars of the Next Decade

Tyson Jones@@TigerKingTJSenior Analyst IIIJuly 7, 2011

Future of Wrestling: The Stars of the Next Decade

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    Well, it's been awhile since I've written anything, so I thought I'd get back into the swing of things with one of my favorite topics when it comes to wrestling, and that is the future.

    Many names are thrown around when it comes to the future of professional wrestling/sports entertainment, and I'm always one to throw my hat in the ring when it comes to discussions of this type, which is one of the reasons I'm creating this little piece.

    Here you'll see some of the stars I think we'll be talking about for the next decade, barring any unfortunate circumstances. I'll explain why I think this talent is a big name, and a key part of his companies product now and in the future.

    Anyway, it's showtime, so let's begin.

Dolph Ziggler

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    "The Man." That's what I think Dolph Ziggler has the potential to be, and it's a combination of things that make me think this.

    First off, he has the look of a champion. Not overly muscled like some of the top guys in the past have been, but not out of shape. The blond hair, gives him a more unique look, especially compared to his past look, with the brown hair.

    Next, we've got his skills in the ring. A lot of you may recall the matches he had with Daniel Bryan last year, and how they usually stole the show. While Dolph came up a little short, that, and his past matches have shown Dolph knows what he's doing in the ring.

    Lastly, his mic skills, and while I have to admit, I was a skeptic, his promo last Monday showed me he can handle himself on the mic, and he has more than enough charisma to be an entertaining champion.

    So, with all that said, and the fact Dolph is a former World Heavyweight Champion, (for about 11 minutes,) former I.C. Champion, (one of the best in recent memory,) former World Tag Team Champion, (with the Spirit Squad,) and current United States Champion, I'd say the only thing he needs to do now, is lose Vickie. He's a star with her. He can be a Superstar on his own. 


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    One of TNA's most impressive stars as of late has been Crimson, who's currently riding a big wave of momentum with his undefeated streak.

    Crimson, has been really impressive to me, since his debut, and continues to impress. I'm doubtful his streak will last longer than Joe's but, I honestly do believe there is a chance it could happen. He's a big, intimidating, and overall has the look of someone who's gonna be a force in TNA.

    Now, I've not heard Crimson on the mic, so I don't know if he could hold the attention and entertain the fans in the Impact Zone, but it never hurts to try, and even if his mic skills aren't as good as his wrestling, I don't think it'll hold him back too much.

    As of now, I can't see Crimson holding a World Championship, but he seems a good fit for every title in TNA, including the X-Division belt, and being billed as Amazing Red's brother, he already has a tag partner if needed for the tag belts. Overall, I expect big things from Crimson in the coming years at age 26.

AJ Lee

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    WWE's Divas are not in a good way right now, but there are a few diamonds in the rough, and one of them is this girl. AJ is a former contestant on NXT, and some would say she should have won it, and when you look at what this girl can do in the ring, it's hard not to see why.

    AJ is currently on the SmackDown roster, feuding with Tamina, Alicia Fox, and I believe Rosa Mendes, so, it's good, that she's at least, been added to the main roster. WWE, I believe, does think something of her skills, as in FCW she was the Queen of FCW as well as the FCW Divas Champion, and her high-flying style, added to her training by Jay Lethal, looks to be getting the job done.

    I believe AJ will be a good Divas Champion, and, in fact, is better than a lot of the women who've been there for a while, and with the down-to-earth personality displayed and talked about, I see her being a key part of any revival in the WWE Divas division.


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    Formerly known as Katie Lea Burchill, Winter has been impressive since she's stepped into the ring in TNA, and I've been enjoying every minute of her time with the company, from her time as seemingly a figment of Angelina Love's imagination, to Knockout Tag Champ, to her current role as Angelina's...well, I'm not sure what to call her yet, but I like it.

    Since coming to TNA, Winter has done two things, that I think, make for a good wrestler. She's shown she can wrestle, and she's been interesting. In a locker room with a lot of girls who're either on the side of the tough girl, (like Sarita and Rosita,) or on the more sensual side (like Velvet and Ms. Tessmacher,) Winter has made herself stand out. She has shown both a sensual side with Angelina and a tough side in her matches, bordering on sadistic. I certainly hope she can keep this up after her time with Angelina is up.

    In her first match in TNA, Winter won the TNA Knockout Tag Title with Angelina, but I think it's only a matter of time before she's got the TNA Knockout Championship around her waist, and I do see a multiple time champion in this woman.   

John Morrison

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    The Guru of Greatness has become a favorite with the IWC, and with that adulation comes a bit of contempt, but in my opinion, he's been one of the most impressive stars WWE has to offer before his injury.

    John has had an impressive career, being a former ECW World Champion, three-time Intercontinental Champion, Former World Tag Team Champion, and Four-Time WWE Tag Team Champion, and I believe Morrison will see even more gold in his future.

    As of late, Morrison has been given a pretty big push, receiving a WWE Title Match at WWE Extreme Rules, (where he was very close to winning the match and looked good in the ring with The Miz and John Cena,) and being involved in what had/has the potential to be a great feud with R-Truth, arguably one of the best heels in WWE right now.

    Morrison has all the talent in the world, and looks to be in line for a World Title sometime this year. His mic skills have been the subject of debate, and while many agree his mic skills aren't really up to snuff for his spot as a face, he was more than good enough as a heel. Whatever WWE decides to do with him, it'll be hard not to put the belt on him, with his rising popularity. 

Cody Rhodes

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    The man once known as "Dashing" has since increased his importance after becoming a disfigured figure in the WWE, and I believe it's one of the best Ideas WWE has had in years.

    Cody Rhodes started out as little more than an impressive nobody in WWE when he started out on RAW in 2007, but that changed, not long after winning the World Tag Titles with Hardcore Holly, for it would be the tag titles that would ally Cody with Third-Generation star Ted DiBiase, and together they'd become Priceless, who would go on to join forces with Randy Orton to create The Legacy. During this time Cody would become a Three-Time World Tag Team Champion, until he was drafted to SmackDown, following a triple-threat match with his stablemates.

    On SmackDown, after a few weeks, Cody gained the "Dashing" gimmick, and subsequently had a rocket strapped to his back, as he shot up to new planes of importance on SmackDown, even gaining his own segment of grooming tips and winning the WWE Tag Titles with Drew McIntyre, before his face was smashed by Rey Mysterio.

    Though, in that, a silver lining can be found, because that only allowed Cody to show he can be a cocky, arrogant, pretty boy, but also a demented genius, even gaining a pair of "Baggers" and the assistance of former tag partner Ted Dibiase. Now, Rhodes is already a four-time Tag Champion, but I believe, with his skills, he could be the next big thing in WWE, and with Money in The Bank coming up, I see it happening sooner, rather than later.

Eve Torres

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    As stated earlier, the WWE is in need of some a bad way with its Divas, but here is another woman I think could help remedy the situation. For all her faults, I do believe Eve is one of WWE's go-to gals when it comes to the division.

    Eve is, in my opinion, one of the better Divas in the WWE. She's not bad in the ring, or on the mic, and has shown flashes of brilliance on several occasions, and if she continues to improve, her, along with some of the other better Divas on this list, and to be mentioned, could become just as big as the divas of the past, if not bigger.

    As of now, Eve is a two-time Divas Champion, tied with several for the record for most reigns, and I do believe Eve could find herself with the belt again, in due time.

"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero

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    Personally, my favorite man on the Impact roster is this guy. "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero, also known by some as Elijah Burke. One of the most charismatic, and in my opinion, sorely underused men in TNA, and I'll say it right now, yes, I am a mark for The Pope so forgive me if I seem to be praising him a bit much.

    The Pope has it all. He's charismatic, he's got some of the best mic skills in Impact, if not the best, can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the locker room, and has the ability to play the role of either a face or heel, and get the crowd to eat out of the palm of his hand with his gimmick.

    The Pope, at one time, was challenging for the world title, beating the likes of Desmond Wolfe, A.J. Styles, Matt Morgan, Ken Anderson and Samoa Joe, just to name a few, and looked primed to win his first major title, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, but things didn't quite work out for Dinero.

    That said, the whole thing showed that Pope can go in all aspects of professional wrestling, and given the chance, he could very well, be a champion, in any division that Impact sees fit to put him in. 

Justin Gabriel

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    From Capetown, South Africa hails another big star in the making in Justin Gabriel, who's been something to watch since he arrived in WWE via NXT1 where he was coached by his pro, Matt Hardy. During his time on the show, Gabriel was called a one-trick pony due to his use of the 450 Splash, but despite that, he did finish third overall.

    After NXT though, is where Gabriel's career really got rolling, becoming a part of the black and yellow infection known as The Nexus, often accentuating the groups beat downs with his 450. It was also during his time with the Nexus, Justin would show he could one day be a main-eventer, beating Randy Orton and going head to head with John Cena, as well as finding a niche with his tag partner Heath Slater, winning the WWE Tag Team Titles for the first time.

    After a few months, Justin and Heath were sent over to SmackDown, where Justin quickly picked up a victory over world champion, Edge, and during this time, would gain two more tag titles to his resume. A resume consisting of Three WWE Tag Team Titles and a Slammy Award for his part in the debut of The Nexus, and I expect that resume will only improve with time.

The Usos

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    Much like its Divas, WWE is in a bad spot with its tag division, but, like with the Divas, I think there is hope, and one of the tag divisions hope, is the twin sons of Rikishi. Jimmy and Jey Uso, collectively called The Usos.

    The Usos, burst onto the scene challenging the WWE Tag Team Champions at the time, The Hart Dynasty, in something of a family feud, which The Dynasty would come out victorious in, and it was this feud that kind of stalled The Usos out during there time on RAW.

    However, a recent drafting to SmackDown has proven good for the Samoan brothers, as they've redesigned themselves, adapting a more typical Samoan style, similar to the one there father used, throwing several instances of dancing into their moves and having some great matches with Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater.

    The Usos look to be in a good position to challenge for the tag titles, and help to elevate the tag titles to a proper place of importance in the WWE, with several lengthy runs with the belts.

Ending/Honerable Mentions

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    So, that's the end of my list, but just a few of the names I think will continue to draw us into the world of sports entertainment/pro wrestling. A few others who come to mind are:

    Jack Swagger

    Wade Barrett


    Alicia Fox

    Madison Rayne



    Alex Riley


    Zack Ryder (Woo Woo Woo! You Know It.)

    Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think.