What If Each MLB Team Had a WWE Wrestler as a Mascot?

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What If Each MLB Team Had a WWE Wrestler as a Mascot?
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I love comparisons.  I love comparing one thing to something else that seemingly has no relation.

If five of my buddies and I are playing pick-up basketball, and the seventh guy just sits and watches, he may be the Brian Scalabrine of our group. 

If a baseball player was big and strong, but boring to watch, he might be described as the Goldberg of baseball.

I watch a lot of baseball.  I also watch a lot of wrestling.  Recently, I was wondering which wrestler best reminds me of each of the 30 MLB teams.  Which wrestler would make the best mascot of each team, if you will.  Might sound easy, but it isn't. Trust me.

For example, if the Seattle Mariners suddenly got really good, won a World Series out of nowhere, and then fell to the middle of the pack, Sheamus would be a good fit for them.  See how that works?

Here are my picks for each MLB team using wrestlers both past and present.  I did the best I could.  Feel free to tell me which wrestlers you would have used, or comment on any I used.

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