Mijares Vs Darchinyan : BIG FIGHT, SMALL MEN!

Gilbert VasquezContributor IOctober 30, 2008

This weekend the little men will be making the loudest noise in boxing.

In a historic super flyweight bout, WBC and WBA World Champion Christian Mijares will face off against IBF Champ Vic Darchinyan. The winner of this fight will be the first in this weight class to unify these belts.

Hopefully, the winner will fight Fernando Montiel next. Lets talk about the fighters and the fight. I'm not worried about what's said at a press conference. Talk is cheap and with that...

Loud mouth, big attitude, and backed up by big power, is the way Vic Darchinyan often takes care of business. While Mijares, a smooth fighter with super intelligence, has not been beat since 2002. Now a world champion, Mijares seems to have a few things up his sleeve for the hard hitting Armenian fighter.  

His silent demeanor is kinda scary, where Darchinyan is loud and fighters see him coming from far away, much like his punches. I'm a little biased towards Mijares, I will admit, so I will be as fair as I can

We all love big punchers, but for some reason, people have not taken a liking toward Darchinyan like they have toward other big punchers like Manny Pacquiao and Israel Vazquez, who are well-loved and have big fan bases. 

Vic Darchinyan is brash, loud, and very outspoken. I for one, think he believes everything he says. His record speaks for itself. With so many knockouts it's easy to see this guy can punch, but against a higher level of fighters, can he put some skill behind it?

Fight after fight he talks the talk, then walks the walk. That's until the Nonito Donaire fight. Vic brings relentless pressure, a bad attitude, and true grit. Yes, I will give him credit. The southpaw style he brings is rangy with his long straight left hand.

He does not use his jab as much, but with his approach maybe that's good. I think the jab almost hinders him, placing him in harms way, making it easier for the opponent to land counter punches. but its not that easy. Vic has power and that's the great equalizer.

Darchinyan has more than a puncher's chance in this fight, but the KO is what he will need to win this fight. I do not see him outscoring Mijares. I see the fight going Mijares's way from the start.

Mijares will frustrate the relentless Darchinyan by sticking and moving. At times, he'll place himself in range for the hard punching Darchinyan, but will use his slickness to make Vic miss at close range.

Christian will make his opponent look silly at times. I do worry about Mijares's maybe mixing it up more then normal, but I have this feeling that Mijares is stronger than what Darchinyan is expecting. 

Mijares might not have the one punch knockout power, but I do think he hits hard enough to get his respect early. In the end it's simple, Mijares will knock out Darchinyan out around round 10.