WWE: My Monday Night Raw 7/4

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIJuly 4, 2011

WWE: My Monday Night Raw 7/4

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    Hello Bleachers! Hope you are all enjoying your Independence Day festivities.

    On this edition of My Monday Night Raw we will find out who our final four participants are in the Raw Money in the Bank.

    Before we begin let's recap last weeks show.

    R-Truth, Drew McIntyre, Alex Riley and Kofi Kingston all qualified for the MITB.

    Shawn Michaels set up the main event of CM Punk vs. Alberto del Rio in a No.1 contenders match for the WWE Championship. The wheel was spun and the match Special Guest Referee was selected. John Cena was the referee and the match began.

    After good back-and-forth action John Cena eventually had enough of Punk and Del Rio's anger and constant mouth running so he gave both of them an AA. The Raw GM chimed in and named both Del Rio and Punk No.1 contenders.

    Shawn Michaels was transported to the hospital after an apparent attack from Drew McIntyre and Mason Ryan.

    Now let's kick off the show!

Opening Segment

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    After a large pyro showing to open the show we are welcomed to ringside by Jerry Lawler, Josh Matthews and Michael Cole.

    John Cena's music hits and he makes his way to the ring dressed in red, white and blue. He says that he is proud to be an American and to live in this great country. He says he would like to thank all of the soldiers fighting over seas for his freedom. He gets a nice applause until William Regal comes out to good heat.

    Regal says that no American should be proud of this country. He says it is full of poorly taught, over weight un-attractive people. He says that American women can not hold a candle to British women. Of course Regal is getting good heat.

    Cena simply says that if Regal wants to get his ass kicked like the great American forces did to his country in the Revolutionary War then come get some! Regal replies that he "will not be doing any fighting, that is why I have these men."

    Wade Barrett, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre make their way out on stage. This is my theme for the Empire Alliance. I have a video made for them but I will not reveal it until my female member is revealed. 

    (Mason Ryan is actually injured and will not be featured on my shows until he is back on WWE Programming)

    The Raw GM chimes in before anything can happen. The GM says that Cena needs to be punished for his actions last week. The GM states that tonight, Cena will take on Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre and William Regal in a gauntlet match. Cena is disgusted with the GM as usual but the Empire Alliance is all smiles.

    We head to commercial.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

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    David Otunga is out first to a decent reaction. (I have broken up the Nexus. There is nothing that I can give the group to do.)

    Big Show follows him and the match is set to begin.

    Otunga goes for a clothesline but Big Show hits him with a big boot. Show then throws him into the corner. Show goes for a clothesline but Otunga dodges it and hits a DDT. Otunga goes for the pin and gets a two count. Show is starting to get up when Otunga hits a boot to his head. Otunga goes for the pin getting another two count.

    Otunga tries to lock a leg lock in on Big Show but he kicks him off. Show grabs Otunga by the neck and lifts him in the air for a chokeslam. Otunga slips out and takes out Show's knee. Big Show goes down and Otunga hits a modified bulldog. Otunga goes for the pin and gets a close two count.

    Otunga starts to work on Show's knee. He stomps on it and eventually locks in a leg lock. The crowd gets behind Big Show and he fights out of it. Show throws Otunga off the ropes and goes for a clothesline. He hits it and then hits two more.

    Show then picks up Otunga for slam but Show's knee gives out. Otunga stomps on it some more and goes to the top rope. He jumps off the rope going for an elbow drop. Show rolls out of the way and Otunga lands elbow first. Show stands up and is preparing to hit a chokeslam.

    Otunga gets up and walks right into the chokeslam. Show pins him for the three-count.

    Big Show has qualified for the MITB.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

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    Chris Masters is out first to a good reaction.

    His opponent is Dolph Ziggler and he comes out to great heat.

    The two lock up to begin the match. Masters gains the advantage and throws Ziggler to the ground. Ziggler backs into the corner only to be met by Masters who hits him with a few chops and a clothesline. Ziggler stumbles out of the corner and Masters hits a belly to belly suplex.

    Masters goes for the pin and gets a two count. Masters taunts Zigler with his hands in position for the Master Lock. Ziggler gets up and Masters grabs him. Ziggler manages to garb the ropes, forcing Masters to break the hold.

    Ziggler turns around and hits a quick clothesline on Masters. Ziggler then hits a dropkick and a DDT. He goes for the cover and gets a close two count.

    Ziggler stands up ready to hit the Zig-Zag. Masters gets up and Ziggler goes for it but Masters grabs the ropes and Ziggler falls flat on his back. Masters picks him up and locks in the Master Lock. Ziggler manages to grab the rope with his feet and makes Masters break the hold.

    Masters throws Ziggler off the ropes and goes for a suplex but Ziggler kicks him in the chest. Ziggler then hits a reverse neckbreaker and goes for the pin, again it is a close two count. Ziggler gets up looking angry. Ziggler is getting ready to hit the Zig-Zag yet again. Masters gets up and Ziggler goes for the move. He hits it and goes for the pin. The referee counts to three and Ziggler has qualified for the MITB.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

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    Evan Bourne is out first to a good reaction.

    His opponent is Michael McGillicutty (new theme), he gets decent heat.

    McGillicutty goes after Bourne but he slips away and hits a few kicks before getting punched with a big right hand. McGillicutty takes the offensive and hits a fewbasic moves. McGillicutty goes for a suplex but Bourne counters it into a hurricanrana.

    Bourne then hits a Bulldog and a standing moonsault. He goes for the pin and gets a two count. Bournegoes to the top rope to hit his Shooting Star Press. Bourne launhes off the ropes but McGillicutty moves out of the way. Bourne lands on his feet but McGillicutty hits a big boot.

    McGillicutty goes for the pin and gets a close two count. McGillicutty picks up Bourne and goes for a suplex. Bounre manages to twist around and roll McGillicutty up for a very close two count. McGillicutty gets up and Bourne kicks him right over the head. McGillicutty is out cold as Bourne goes to the top rope and hits a Shooting Star Press for the victory.

    Evan Bourne has qualified for the MITB.

Final Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

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    Santino Marella is out to a good crowd reaction.

    His opponent is none other than Zack Ryder.

    Ryder gets a good pop and makes his way down the ramp.

    Marella starts off by posing with the Cobra and Ryder makes the referee back him off. Ryder comes out of the corner and kicks Santino in the gut and hits a quick DDT. Ryder goes for the pin but only gets a one count. Ryder stands Santino up and Marella starts hitting a few right hands and an eventual powerslam.

    Marella hits a hip toss and lets out a scream before sizing up the Cobra. Marella goes for the Cobra but Ryder dodges it. Ryder hits a neckbreaker before sizing Marella up for the Rough Ryder. Santino stands up and Ryder hits the move. Ryder pins Marella for the victory.

    Zack Ryder has qualified for the MITB.

Main Event: John Cena vs. Empire Alliance (Gauntlet Match) Part 1

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    John Cena is out first to a good reaction. He is awaiting his first of four possible opponents.

    Drew McIntyre's music hits and he makes his entrance to good heat.

    McIntyre steps in the ring and Cena pounces on him. Cena throws a few right hands and then throws McIntyre over the top rope to the floor. McIntyre kicks the steel steps in anger and gets back in the ring. He goes for a clothesline but Cena ducks under it and connects with a suplex.

    Cena sets up for the five knuckle shuffle and hits it. Cena now is waiting to hit the AA on McIntyre. McIntyre gets up and Cena grabs him but McIntyre elbows Cena in the face and Cena drops him. McIntyre hits a DDT on Cena. McIntyre now begins to stomp on Cena's legs and arms.

    McIntyre picks up Cena and hits a nice suplex. McIntyre goes for the cover and gets a two count. McIntyre drags Cena over to the ring post and locks in his signature leg lock on the post. McIntyre breaks the hold at the referee's four count. Cena grabs his leg as McIntyre goes to the top rope.

    McIntyre launches from the top rope but Cena connects with a dropkick in mid-air. Cena grabs his leg and stumbles to his feet. McIntyre is up and Cena hits a clothesline and then a shoulder block. Cena then hits an AA on McIntyre and gets the pin. McIntyre is out and the next member makes his way to the ring.

Main Event Part 2

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    Sheamus comes out to nice heat and gets in the ring.

    Again Cena pounces on him but Sheamus fights back. Cena and Sheamus trade rights and lefts until Cena connects with two right hands and then goes for a clothesline but Sheamus connects with a big boot. Sheamus taunts the crowd and Cena before picking him up.

    Sheamus goes for the High Cross but Cena slips off and hits a neckbreaker. Cena goes for the pin and gets a one count. Cena waits for Sheamus to get up and he hits a clothesline. Cena hits a five knuckle shuffle and goes for the AA. Cena hits the AA and goes for the pin. The referee counts to two and half before Sheamus manages to kick out.

    Cena looks surprised and amazed. He gets up and picks Sheamus up for another AA. Cena goes for it but Sheamus counters. Sheamus goes off the ropes and hits a Brogue Kick. Sheamus crawls over to Cena and pins him. When the referee gets to two and a half cena kicks out.

    Sheamus argues with the referee and begins to yell at him. He is just about to hit the referee when Cena spins him around and hits the AA. Cena pins Sheamus and eliminates him.

    Cena stumbles to his feet and waits for his next opponent.

Main Event Part 3

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    To Cena's surprise the next opponent is William Regal.

    Regal comes out saying that he wants to get his hands on Cena and makes for the ring. Cena hits Regal with a right hand but Regal hits a few of his own. Regal hits a shoulder block of his own and locks in an armbar on Cena. Cena fights out of the move and throws Regal off the ropes.

    Cena goes for a clotehsline and hits it. Regal gets up and Cena goes for an AA but Regal slips off and hits Cena with a knee to the face. Regal goes for the pin but Cena kicks out. Regal picks up Cena and hits a fisherman's suplex. Regal gets ready to lock in the Regal stretch. Regal locks it in but Cena grabs the ropes. Regal breaks the hold at the last second and drags Cena to the middle of the ring.

    Regal goes for another one but Cena kicks him off. Regal runs towards Cena to hit another running knee but Cena gives him a drop-toe hold. Cena slaps on the STFU and regal is stuck in the middle of the ring. Regal is getting ready to tap when Wade Barrett runs out to the ring. Regal taps and Cena celebrates waiting for his next opponent.

    He did not see Wade Barrett (also gave him a new theme) who sneaks in behind him. Barrett spins Cena around and hits the Wasteland for the victory. Barrett celebrates his victory as Cena rolls out of the ring. The Raw GM chimes in as Cena is walking up the ramp. The GM tells Cena that maybe now he will follow the rules that he is given. The GM tells Cena that now he should be concerned for MITB.

    Cena has had enough and walks to the back. Cena turns the corner backstage and CM Punk hits him with a big kick to the face. Punk tells Cena that "he should worry about him and not about the Empire or the GM. At MITB I am taking your title!"

    We close the show with Punk standing over Cena.


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    That concludes My Monday Night Raw.

    What did you think of the show?

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