Is Brett Favre The Next Ozzy Osbourne??

Heath HeidemannCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2008

No, Brett Favre doesn't bite heads off of bats or birds. No, he doesn't have a concert titled in his name. But hear me out, walk with me a minute. Have fun and laugh with this. Let me tell you how Brett might just be Ozzy Osbourne in the making.

Lets go back to the beginning—the start of the two careers.

Ozzy Osbourne enjoyed a portion of his success right off the get go with Black Sabbath. With Sabbath, he pioneered what became the dawn of the heavy metal era. With legions of fans, and people that worshiped him, many followed after his departure from Sabbath, faulting the band for letting him go.

While Favre didn't necessarily start the quarterback position, he did bring a new level of excitement to it. He plays it with a passion and gunslinger attitude that is not seen in all NFL QBs.

Also, Brett enjoyed much of his early success with the Green Bay Packers, where he got his own "legion of fans." Some of whom turned on the Pack when he was traded, and followed him to his "solo career" in New York.

Osbourne would go at it on his own for about 15 years before returning to the band for a reunion tour. They would stay together up until 2006, when they would be inducted into the U.S. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Of course, the timetable is a little shorter in the NFL. Brett, no doubt, will return to the Packers, at least long enough to be called a Packer one more time, have his number retired, and become a member of the NFL Hall of Fame.

Behind every man stands a good woman though—enter Sharon Osbourne, and Deanna Favre.

Sharon Osbourne has been with Ozzy through the low points of his life. She started dating him when he was let go of Sabbath, became his manager and married him, and does a phenomenal job marketing the brand that is Ozzy Osbourne. She also survived her battle with colon cancer.

Deanna has stood by Brett as well. Through deaths in his family, his car accident, addiction to pain killers, drinking, record breaking performances, and record setting moments, she has been right along side of him through it all. In the process, she took on her own challenge—her battle with breast cancer.

In the time we have gotten to know Brett, he has become a household name. On commercials, in stores, on ESPN constantly—he is a superstar.

Ozzy is still one of the more well known people in entertainment, with or without his music. Sharon figured out a way to turn that kind of success into a very lucrative  business outside of Ozzy's career.

I know Brett is a "private person." He seems to have been getting a lot better in front of the camera over the past few years.

Episode of "The Favres" anyone?