Jon Rauch Ejection: Watch Rauch's Virtual Meltdown Against the Phillies

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistJuly 3, 2011

In what has gone down as one of the greatest meltdowns of the season, Toronto Blue Jays’ reliever Jon Rauch absolutely lost his mind on this umpire.

The problems started from this first pitch in Philadelphia when home-plate umpire Alfonso Márquez called a ball, and the Blue Jays bench started telling him what they thought it was.

Marquez issued a warning after the first pitch, and it was a sure way to ensure a huge blowout later in the game.

The issue with Rauch started on the 2-2 pitch to Ryan Howard when he missed just wide of the plate. Rauch came back with the same pitch, and it looked like he got the corner of the plate, but he didn’t get the call.

It was obvious that Rauch disagreed with the call, but the replay clearly shows that the ball was off the plate, and the umpire was correct.

Rauch’s pitch on the 3-2 count to Howard looked like a sure strike, but again, the umpire called it a ball. It was at that point that the Blue Jays bench started to chirp much louder at the umpire, and even the catcher is seen talking to the umpire while Victorino walks out of the batter’s box.

At that point, it was just a matter of time before the situation blew up.

Starting at around 2:10 into the video, the fourth of July fireworks in the head of Rauch all detonated at once, and it was too amazing to describe with words.

Please consider that Rach is 6’11” and 251 pounds on his best day, so both his coach and catcher have no chance of moving the freaking-out pitcher out of the umpire’s personal space.

If you watch it closely, Rauch says to the Umpire, “That run’s on you!”

This is one of the greatest meltdowns of the season, and we need to just appreciate how exciting it is to watch a giant man screaming at a smaller man.

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