Texas Football: David Ash's Role in the New Longhorn Offense

Craig ChapmanCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2011

Pic courtesy of the Killeen Daily Herald
Pic courtesy of the Killeen Daily Herald

The spring game was played last April and many Texas fans were left scratching their heads. The question coming into the game was about the quarterbacks and which one would step up their game and show the world that they deserve to start.

All eyes were on Garrett Gilbert who threw 17 interceptions last season and is the expected starter for this season but Gilbert did not impress. He threw an interception on one of his first possessions and began to show signs of regression from the awful 5-7 season.

Connor Wood and Case McCoy had their moments but none of them really stepped up to the plate and made their case for the number one spot. The problem with having four quarterbacks is that you don't have one; however, the spring game didn't do much to help any player.

One of the bigger reasons I was so disappointed that day was when you take into consideration what these games are all about. These games aren't about schemes or fancy ESPN highlight reel plays, they're about player development. Once you realize that, it begins to sink in how incredibly disappointing this game was.

But could there be a possibility of a silver lining? Absolutely. Rumors have been spreading like crazy concerning David Ash and the idea of him getting a chance to play this season.

The rumor states that the coaching staff is so impressed with Ash that they feel they have no choice but to use him in certain schemes and plays. He'll get a chance to compete with Gilbert, McCoy and Wood for the starting job but will ultimately have some sort of offensive role on this team.

What kind of role you might ask? This kid is very athletic and I see him being used in either a quarterback-run scheme or even playing some kind of a role in a trick play cooked up by offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin. The point of all this being that he's too athletic to keep on the bench.

This could lead to many things, some good and some bad. If Ash is going to play then that means he won't use a redshirt. Case McCoy, assuming he doesn't get selected as first or second string, could use next season to redshirt but this also opens the possibility of a transfer; however, it could get rough for Wood.

He has already used his redshirt and will likely want to see some playing time. Having Gilbert and Ash ahead of him in the depth chart would probably be enough for him to jump the gun and find another team to play for.

Regardless of the potential transfers, it seems too unlikely that Ash stays on the bench this season. If Mack Brown is worried about putting the entire offense on the shoulders of a very fragile Gilbert then we're going to see a lot of rotation at the quarterback position. This is the perfect opportunity for David to show fans that the freshman hype around him is more than just talk.