Sizing Up a Legend: David Beckham

Andrew WhittakerCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2008

This new series, written by me exclusively, will describe modern football legends, in this case, David Beckham.

As so many other footballers, he has experienced incredible highs, and heart wrenching lows.

This article will make a full summary of his achievements, evaluate his talents and choices and conclusively estimate his current form and possibilities.

 David Robert Joseph Beckham was born on 2nd of May, 1975.

Until the age of fourteen, he lived in Leytonstone with his father Ted, his mum Sandra and his sisters Lynne and Joanne.

 Born and bred a United supporter, Beckham was initially pursued as a raw eleven year old, playing his trade for local side, Waltham Forest. After winning Bobby Charlton's talent competition at the age of ten, he signed his first contract the summer after.

 In his book, David describes the signing as the "proudest moment in my life" and meeting boy-hood idol, Bryan Robson, was like a dream.

After making his way into the United first-team during the early 90's, Beckham had become recognized as one of the biggest talents in British Football. Especially the thin boy's passing abilities was paid attention to by his manager.

After a one-month loan spell with Preston North-end, David came back to United and made his debut in the season of 94/95.

Though their talents were obvious, United Started the 95/96 season slowly, faltering to a

3-1 defeat against Aston Villa. This led to the famous statement from Alan Hansen: "You'll never win anything with kids" - and United went on to win the next five league games and the league and cup double.

Though playing consistently for United wasn't enough to secure a place in the Euro 96' team, David did make his England debut on 1st of September in a World Cup qualifier against Moldova.

Practically winning the league every year with United, David arrived in France for the World Cup 1998 as one of the England stars. The squad had already been named the best squad since 86' and was by the English newspapers already declared favourites. With Beckham, Shearer and a certain young 18 year old leading the line.

Then came that game against Argentina; Shearer and Owen had secured a 2-2 draw at tee-time, and England was starting to look solid. Coming out of the tunnel, things looked good; until Beckham was fouled by Diego Simeone. According to Beckham himself, Simeone pulled Beckham's hair, and quite instantly, he threw his leg at him and received a red card.

After this game, Beckham was voted public enemy number one. However, he fought back and played his best season to date, winning three titles with Manchester United in 99': The Premier League, The FA cup and the Champions League.

Beckham was starting to turn things around, and was instead beginning to earn recognition for his good looks. This earned him improved contracts, lucrative sponsor deals and worshipment from all over the world.

Recognized as the finest British footballer in 2002, his infamous injury against Deportivo La Corunã, not only introduced the world to the word 'metatarsal', but also stroke fear into the England supporters.

Beckham, however, fought his way back, and surely, as faith had decided; he was to face Argentina once again. When England got a penalty and David was to take it, he described the situation as the "most nervous I have ever been".

The commentator famously said: "It doesn't get any bigger than this next kick." then burst out: "He's big enough!". And Beckham went on to celebrate his proudest moment in the England shirt.

However, it wasn't all good for Beckham. Less than a year after, after a game against Arsenal in February 2003, Sir Alex Ferguson Famously kicked a boot against Beckham's face. Whatever one might think, this was the breaking point in their relationship.

As Beckham signed for Real Madrid an era ended; not for Manchester United, or Real Madrid, but for Beckham himself. He simply lost ability to enjoy his game. He had not his heart set on the white shirt of Madrid, but still the boyhood dream of his becoming a United legend.

After 3 relatively average seasons with Madrid, he ended on high, helping them win the La Liga trophy. In the season of 07/08 he started playing for American side, LA Galaxy, securing the most lucrative deal, football has ever seen. Reportedly securing him 250$ million over a 5 year period.

He will start a loan deal with AC Milan on the 7th of January 2009. 



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