Philly Was Frustrated? They Should Visit Cleveland

chris daviesAnalyst IOctober 30, 2008

Twenty-five years? Is that all? What Cleveland wouldn't give to just have 25 years of disappointment.

Let's recap the postseason woes of the Cleveland sports franchises, shall we?

The last time the Cleveland Indians won the World Series was 1948. This is second only to the Chicago Cubs and their well-known drought. To put it in context, six teams that have won the World Series since 1948 were not even in existence in 1948, some of whom (New York Mets, Florida Marlins) have won the World Series twice (the same as the total number of Series the Indians have won in their existence) during the same time span.

In the Super Bowl era, 1967 to the present, the Cleveland Browns have not only never won a Lombardi trophy, but have never even earned the chance to play for one. The last championship that the Browns won came in 1964. Since the Super Bowl era began, they have only reached the playoffs 14 times (keep in mind that is out of 41 years). Not to mention the fact that the team was completely non-existent between the years of 1996-1999 thanks to Art Modell.

Then of course there are the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the 38 years that the team has been around, not once have they won a championship. Only once have they even been in the Finals, and of course, that is due to a gentleman named James. From '74-'94 the team wasn't even good enough to play within Cleveland city limits!

Without a major hockey franchise in Cleveland, that brings the total number of years since the City of Cleveland has celebrated a championship to 44. I have never been very good at math, but I know that 44 is greater than 25. Without those NFL Championships the Browns won prior to the Super Bowl, it has been 60 years without a championship for the city.

What makes this all the worst, at least for Indians fans, is that Charlie Manuel managed the Phils to the title. Manuel managed the Indians from 2000 to 2002, a span in which their best finish was a first-round loss to the Mariners in 2001. Thanks Charlie.

You got yours Philly, but really, is "phinally" the right word?