Alabama-LSU: Strong Tide Warning for Baton Rouge

Adam WrenCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2008

Alert the masses! 

Stock up on water, bread, batteries, and flashlights!

Nail those windows shut with plywood and send the loved ones inland.

Death Valley is preparing for the storm of the century!  Forecasters predict a storm tide of 85 strong, and it doesn't look as if it's going to let up anytime soon.

Alabama.  LSU.  Two years of waiting for what will soon become a reality in little over a week. 

Nick Saban returns to Tiger Stadium for the first time since 2004, and LSU fans have been foaming at the mouth, waiting impatiently and rabidly for his bittersweet return.

Saban might be right about the fact that Alabama and the fans need to concentrate on playing one game at a time, but does anyone else see Arkansas State as being nothing more than a pawn, caught in the path of the largest storm of the year that's destined for Baton Rouge?

My sympathies to the Red Wolves.  I, seriously, fear the outcome of that game. 

Alabama players and coaches alike can say whatever they want in front of the camera.  We all know you have your sights dialed in on the wounded Tigers of LSU, beaten and bloodied twice already.  Alabama looks to go into "BR" and finish off the overrated Tigers.

However, despite falling to Florida and Georgia, LSU still has life in the SEC West.  With a victory over Alabama, all LSU has to do is win the season out and send steroids to Mississippi State and Auburn, hoping one of the two will upset the ever-so-strong Crimson Tide of Alabama.

I hate to be the news breaker here, but I just do not foresee any of that in the forecast.

LSU will give it their all at their home stadium, but Alabama is just too strong on the road.  The louder, the better! 

Alabama goes to Atlanta and defeats preseason ranked No. 9 Clemson in the Georgia Dome, 34-10.

Alabama goes to Fayetteville and makes a barbecue out of Arkansas, 49-14.

Alabama goes between the hedges and upsets Georgia, 41-30.

Alabama goes to Knoxville and leaves Phil Fulmer touching up his résumé, 29-9.

Is there any sign of this storm weakening? 

Forecast models show no signs of weakness.  To the contrary, it actually shows signs of strengthening. 

The LSU faithful can make any argument they want. They can sit there and dwell on the fact that Saban is coming back to Death Valley, and because of that LSU will be more ready than ever.

Maybe so, but don't think you're going to catch Nick Saban and Alabama with their guard down.

If you bought tickets to see Miles embarrass Saban, you wasted your money.

If you're hoping to tune in to see Alabama's BCS chances go down the drain, you're hoping on a penny in a well.

This game will be a good one, but expect nothing less than the Crimson Tide of old, looking to show Les Miles who really wears the pants in this relationship.

Brace yourself.  This is going to be one hell of a storm.