Derrick Williams: 5 Bold Predictions for His Rookie Season with the Timberwolves

Tyler PurcellContributor IIIJune 30, 2011

Derrick Williams: 5 Bold Predictions for His Rookie Season with the Timberwolves

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    Derrick Williams has been touted as a guy with unlimited potential. Now he will be playing on a young Timberwolves team looking for playmakers.

    Williams has what it takes to become an All-Star and bring Minnesota back to the playoffs.

    Here are some predictions from what he might accomplish in just his rookie year.

5. Derrick Williams Will Start for the Timberwolves

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    I think Michael Beasley is a great player, but he will not start over Derrick Williams. You can compare college stats all you want, but college stats don't matter in the NBA.

    Similar to Derrick Rose, Williams was drafted because of potential. He proved throughout college that he is determined and capable of improving his game.

    T-Wolves GM David Kahn has also gotten a lot of heat (and rightfully so) for his choices on draft day in recent years. Kahn will want to prove he made the right choice in drafting Williams by giving him as many opportunities as possible.

    Derrick Williams is very good at playing away from the ball, unlike Michael Beasley, who occasionally will slack off when he doesn't have the rock.

    Beasley also demands the ball too much. Last season, the T-Wolves were short on talent and needed someone to take most of the load. This year, they added Williams and Rubio and cannot give someone that many shots while only shooting 45 percent.

4. He Will Shoot over 40 Percent from Behind the Arc

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    Last season at Arizona, Derrick Williams shot nearly 57 percent from the three.

    This was no fluke, as Williams has great shot selection.

    As a rookie, he will easily shoot over 40 percent from downtown while playing both forward positions.

3. Williams Will Be Second on the Team in Both Points and Rebounds

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    Kevin Love is still an All-Star, so Williams will have a hard time passing him.

    Williams will be the team's second scoring option throughout the season and will collect any rebounds that Love somehow manages to miss.

2. He Will Have Multiple Dunks Named ESPN's Top Plays

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    If you watched the Arizona-Duke game this past March, you may have noticed Williams can dunk, and he does it well.

    He has already had No. 1 plays during college and was nominated for dunk of the year.

1. He Will Win Rookie of the Year

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    Derrick Williams is as NBA ready as they come and will win rookie of the year. Despite what many believe, he is as well set up to succeed as any rookie out of this class.

    Kyrie Irving has nobody to help him in Cleveland, unlike at Duke, where he played with an experienced supporting cast. Enes Kanter has as much depth at his positions at Utah as Williams has at Minnesota, and he may be forced to come off the bench.

    Ricky Rubio will also have a good rookie season, but Derrick Williams will reap the benefits of playing with him.