College Football's 10 Best Mascots

Isaac LuberSenior Analyst IOctober 30, 2008

People have written about College Football's greatest teams, coaches, jerseys, and helmets, and possibly someone else did the mascots as well.  Let me tell you right now that although I try not to be biased, I am a sucker for animals, especially cute ones.  Also, I am a huge sucker for dogs, as they are my favorite animal.

Here are my Top 10 College Football Mascots.


10) Florida's Gator.

It's a pretty cool mascot.  A gator with a giant head...its celebration of eating a football in NCAA 09 is so great.


9) USC's Traveler.

I love the Roman soldier, and the horse makes it even better.


8) Army's Mule.

Hey, it's creative.  Mules are pretty cool, and they relate to me.  My parents say that I'm as stubborn as a mule.


7) Colorado's Ralphie.

A buffalo is original, and it is really awesome.  I love it!  The buffalo is such an awesome animal.


6) Auburn's War Eagle (named Tiger).

I like a few types of birds, which are hawks, falcons, and eagles.  So this is an eagle, and it is awesome.  Naming an eagle Tiger is just crazy!


5) Air Force's Falcon.

Once again, this is one of my favorite birds.  Falcons are awesome, and if you look up this falcon, you will see how cool it looks.  It is pure white, and it's cool and cute at the same time.


3T) Tennessee's Smokey.

I am a sucker for dogs, and this dog always barks and runs around.  It's so playful, and cool, and cute.  Hooray for Smokey!  He's a real Volunteer!


3T) Texas' Bevo.

How can you go against this guy? He's so awesome!  He mooed about what he thought of the Texas vs. Oklahoma State—he actually did an interview!


1T) Penn State's Nittany Lion.

Okay, maybe I lied a little when I said I try not to be biased.  Penn State's mascot never gets any credit, though, and he is a great mascot.  He always does some kind of show at the end of the first quarter, such as dancing to a song like "Thriller."  WE ARE...PENN STATE!!!


1T) Georgia's Uga.

The cutest and coolest mascot.  It is like the cutest dog EVER!  I love Uga so much, and if I don't know who to root for in a Georgia game, I'll root for Georgia because of Uga.  They are well tamed and handsome.  They are so loyal that they wear black during blackouts and red during regular games.

One of the Ugas also tried to bite an Auburn player when he scored a touchdown.  Now that's a good, loyal mascot!  I'm a sucker for dogs, but even if I wasn't, this dog would still easily be in the Top Three.


Feel free to write your opinion on the best mascots.  Make your own list (as a comment on my article) if you would like!