The Lost Art of Storytelling in Wrestling

jason savageCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2008

The writers of pro-wrestling apparently believe that today's fast food and internet society doesn't have time to watch plots develop and storylines grow in order to gain interest, therefore, in most cases, they give us the beginning, middle, and end in less than a month.

A perfect example is The Miz and John Morrison versus DX.

On Oct. 20, Miz and Morrison make comments on RAW about DX being old.

On Oct. 27, Miz and Morrison announce a match has been signed for Monday, Nov. 3 between with DX.

On Oct. 28, Miz and Morrison beat up 2 DX impersonators on ECW.

Chances are the match on Monday will end a feud that has lasted all of three weeks and will feature one match.  Hopefully, I am wrong, but based on past programming, probably not.

This could be a good angle if given the right build and allowed to play out over several weeks or even months.  I'm going to take a stab at being a WWE writer, and this is how I would build it.

Miz and Morrison take verbal jabs at DX.

DX hears about it but chooses to laugh it off and ignore it, because one of the men is a WWE champ on Smackdown while the other is a champ on RAW.

Miz and Morrison turn up the heat with more jabs and the beating of the DX impersonators.

DX appears on RAW dressed as Miz and Morrison and starts jabbing back.

Miz and Morrison challenge DX to a match at Survivor Series.

If the fans find this feud interesting, the angle will continue.  If not, it would end right there.

The scenario above builds interest in the feud and it lasts at least six weeks.

One issue bothers me about this feud, however.  Why DX?

They will team as a special attraction from time to time but they are no longer a team.

We currently have a feud right that involves all three brands.  Shawn is on RAW, HHH is on Smackdown, and Miz and Morrison are on ECW. I have already written an article titled, "Why three WWE Brands" that addresses this, but if you aren't going to keep the brands separate then why have them?

Back to the theme.

Wouldn't Miz and Morrison versus DX be more interesting if there were more chapters in the book?

WWE is too concerned with ratings right now and not with good storytelling, however, if you tell good stories, the ratings will come. If you have a good show, people will watch.