What Texas Tech Needs on Saturday Night Vs. Texas

Bryan FordCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2008

You may have heard about a football game being played in Lubbock this Saturday night: sixteen wins and zero losses between the two schools. No, Jones Stadium isn't being flown back in time to a 1980s high school playoff game between Odessa Permian and Amarillo High School.

The number one-ranked University of Texas Longhorns are pulling into Lubbock to face the undefeated Red Raiders of Texas Tech. I think I might turn the telly on for this one.

Here are some things I hope to see.

- AT&T Jones Stadium filled with people wearing red. I know there is talk of a "black out," but red looks much better on TV, and it is the RED Raiders.

- Baron Batch running with no signs of the turf toe injury he has. I know it will be bothering him, but this guy is the real deal in the backfield. He runs hard, has good speed, and isn't afraid of contact. He is a difference maker.

- Graham Harrell staying clean. Texas has a great front seven. Tech has a great O-line, and Shannon Woods is a great back for picking up the blitz. If Tech keeps him up with time, then Tech scores plenty of points.

- Michael Crabtree showing the nation what a fantastic, superior athlete looks like at wide receiver at Texas Tech. He is a cut above even the best out there right now. No one has his combination of size, speed, quickness, toughness, and hands. He also throws a nasty block when needed. I truly believe he will be the most talented player on the field on Saturday.

- The Texas Tech D-line putting pressure on Colt McCoy and maintaining their rushing lanes. If you can find a way to slow down McCoy, then Texas has no other answer on offense. He is that good and that important to this team. The season he is having is Heisman worthy so far. His numbers are simply out of this world.

Tech has to bring pressure from the corners and keep the middle jammed up. Give Colt a yard or two of room to roam, and he is off on a long run.

- Texas Tech mixing up their pass coverage. Sit back in a soft zone against Texas, and it will be just like the Nebraska game. They love their short passing game and should. Colt is extremely accurate and needs to be challenged by seeing different coverages.

- Matt Williams continuing to knock through the extra points. The guy is off to a storybook start. Here's to another big game for the contest winner.

- A good game by the refereeing crew. Good calls both ways. Hopefully we will hardly notice they are there.

I'm taking Texas Tech 48-38. Touchdowns are going to be scored. Here's to hoping the red and black have the most points at the end.