WWE: 10 Bold Predictions for Kelly Kelly's Divas Championship Reign

Gina GeatchesCorrespondent IIIJune 29, 2011

WWE: 10 Bold Predictions for Kelly Kelly's Divas Championship Reign

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    Kelly Kelly was signed to a contract with WWE in 2006 and debuted on the ECW brand in June 2008. Her initial character was a flirtatious, naïve women who performed strip teases for the audience on a weekly basis. This segment was known as Kelly’s exposure. Eventually she was joined by Layla and Brooke Adams and the segment was renamed Extreme Exposure. Many fans did not expect Kelly to become much in her WWE career.

    During the 2008 WWE draft Kelly was moved to the Raw roster on July 7th. She went on to feud with Beth Phoenix and Jillian Hall whilst on the Raw roster. In 2009 she won a battle royal to determine the number-one contender for the WWE Divas championship but was unsuccessful in her championship match against Maryse.   

    Kelly later went on to be drafted to the SmackDown brand in 2010. She often teamed up with Tiffany and wrestled against the duo of Laycool. In November 2010 Kelly become the mentor for WWE Next rookie Naomi who went on to become the runner up of the series, but it was her rivalry with Vicki Guerrero in 2011 that got the fans talking about her. Kelly started showing passion, desire and determination, and the fans noticed.  

    She was then drafted back to Raw as a part of the 2011 WWE supplemental draft. Kelly Kelly went on to win the Divas Championship on the June 20 edition of Raw when the fans voted for her to face the then champion Brie Bella. It was announced on Raw that Kelly will defend her championship against Brie Bella at the Pay-Per-View Money in the Bank on July 17th. Could Kelly’s reign as champion be cut short or will she go on to reign the championship for several months? In this slideshow I will make ten bold predictions for the current Divas champion. 

Kelly Becomes One of the Longest-Running Divas Champions

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    Kelly haters' ultimate nightmare would be for her be the longest reigning Divas championship of all time!

Lita Returns

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    Lita could return from retirement to bring the extreme back to women's wrestling. She could become bored of sitting at home watching women wrestlers like Kelly on the TV with the championship and return with the purpose of defeating Kelly in mind. 

Kelly Turns Heel

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    Kelly has always been the girl next door with an innocent heart. Maybe it’s time that her darker side needs to come out now that she has finally become a champion and proven all her haters wrong.

Kelly Changes the Belt Design and Title Name

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    Kelly could become sick of the design of the belt and name and vow to change it on the basis that a woman has never had the right to change a belt before.

Kelly Joins Forces with Cena

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    Kelly could become power-mad wanting to team with the WWE champion so that they can rule the Raw roster.

Kelly Forms a Stable

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    Stables are a rare thing in wrestling today, so why not create a new one? She could create a stable to dominate the women’s division in a bid to never lose her belt. 

Natalya Fights for the Older Generations

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    Wrestling runs in Natalya’s blood and some say she is destined to do it, so why is Kelly champion when Natalya has been wrestling before she walked? 

Kelly Decides She No Longer Needs to Wrestle Now That She Is Champion

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    Kelly could become so arrogant that she no longer thinks she needs to wrestle to prove she deserves to be the champion.

Kelly Defends Her Belt Every Week

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    Winning the belt could make her so determined that she wants to prove week-in and week-out that she deserves her belt.

Kelly Retires

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    Her goal since entering the company was to become a champion and now that she has reached her goal she could retire at her best.

    I see it as unlikely though.