Arsenal 4 Tottenham 4: Spurs Strike It Very, Very Lucky

kenny smithContributor IOctober 30, 2008

What an utter shambles!

I couldn't have been more wrong in my predictions for this game but I will have to admit that this game was out of the ordinary, and I'm sure I speak for almost every Arsenal fan when i say that a draw has never felt so much like a defeat as it did last night.

Yesterday, I referred to Heurelho Gomes as a "dodgy 'keeper", well it seems that last night Heurelho Gomes killed Manuel Almunia before the game, stole his skin and went in goal for Arsenal.

I do not see the need for Almunia to be standing so far out of his goal when Tottenham were in our half of the field as David Bentley scores from 43 yards. No keeper should ever be beaten from that range. 

For the second goal, it is basic goalkeeping to parry the ball away from goal, although it was a belter of a shot, and I think Manuel might of even saved it with his face.

Gael Clichy made a horrendous mistake when he fell over and gifted Spurs their third goal, and when the fourth official held up his board displaying four minutes of injury time I just knew they would equalise.

If anyone can justify four minutes of injury time last night then by all means feel free to leave a comment as I cannot remember a single stoppage in the second half.

However, I am not going to bother blaming that on our failure to win this game. Individual errors cost us two points here. 

A lot of people will try to blame Arsene Wenger for his substitutions and tactics after we went 4-2 up, but if it wasn't for Clichy's error then the game would have finished 4-2. For me Manuel and Gael need to hold their hands up and admit they made mistakes and just get on with it. They will earn a lot more respect from their teammates and the team will grow because of it.

William Gallas and Mikael Silvetsre had a good game tonight, both grabbing goals and there wasn't much they could have done about any of the Spurs goals.

Up front and in the midfield we did well, nothing special, but I was happy with the effort.

We controlled most of the game and, in short, Spurs were very lucky, make no mistake about it!

I just hope Arsene can motivate the team for our next game and I hope the players will be men, admit their mistakes and learn from them.