WWE: Shawn Michaels and 5 of the Most Overrated Wrestlers of All Time

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WWE: Shawn Michaels and 5 of the Most Overrated Wrestlers of All Time
Shawn was a good wrestler, and a funny guy.... He's just overrated.

This is my opinion and my opinion only. I don't mean to offend, this is just how I feel about current/former WWE stars. I encourage and expect a debate in the comments section, telling me why I'm wrong, or who I should've included.

Shawn Michaels is considered by the WWE (at least according to their 50 Greatest Wrestlers Video) as the greatest of all time. As the kids say now-a-days: Uhh, nizz (that means no).

Michaels is a damn good wrestler, but I think he's overrated. He's most definitely not the greatest of all time. He's a wannabe Flair. I personally don't think Michaels is an amazing wrestler, or even a great one. I just think he's overrated in the fact that he does many things well, but not better than a few.

John Cena is the face of the WWE. I don't understand why. Yeah he's got the big muscly look that Vince loves, but he's a one-dimensional wrestler. He sells the merch. Kids love him. Why? Well, why do kids listen to the Black Eyed Peas? Why do they watch Fred YouTube Videos? Why?

Because most kids are stupid. It's not their fault.

We were all at one time or another stupid, until we became wise to a situation and learned all the facts. One day, these children will grow up, realize Cena can't talk, can't wrestle and is a replica of another former face of the company. You know who I'm talking about...

The Most Well Rounded Superstar in WWE Today, Best In Ring Technician By Far

Hulk Hogan. Get beaten up all match. Mount furious out of nowhere attack. Clothesline. Body Slam. Leg Drop. 1-2-3. Pretty Cena-esque (or should I say, Cena is Hogan-esque?). Hogan was listenable too on the mic. He was obviously not good on the mic, but he's clearly better than Cena.

Randy Orton is so vanilla. He's as bland as unseasoned freedom fries. He makes gray look like it belongs on the Vegas Strip. Limited move set. Monotone voice. Lack of actual charisma (not to mention, he tries to copy Austin, i.e. RKO = stunner w/ no midsection kick, Viper = Rattlesnake, face with heel tendencies). He gets guys "depushed" (Kofi Kingston) At Least Cena speaks out for those he feels are deserving.

Bret Hart, great wrestler. Bad on the mic. Bad actor. All the matches seemed to be mostly about him. I don't think he was a bad superstar, I just don't think he was all that great. Obviously his place on my list is going to be debatable, as will Michaels', but again, this is how I feel about wrestlers who people consider as some of the best. What are your thoughts?

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