Could the Main Event Mafia Save TNA?

Matt BinksCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2008

TNA's Main Event Mafia storyline has been met with general derision from wrestling fans. On face value it looks like TNA management has bowed to the powers that be and created a stable in which veterans like Sting, Angle, and Kevin Nash can be pushed ahead of homegrown TNA talent like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.

If this was to be the case then I agree that this storyline could merely act as a death nail in the TNA coffin.

Pushing stars like Booker T and Kurt Angle is really quite pointless. If this was who the wrestling public "really" wanted to see, then make no bones about it. They would still be in the WWE. Vince is no fool, with the exception of maybe Sting for a short run, none of these guys would be on Vince's wish list anymore.

Considering that TNA are trying to build themselves as a legitimate contender to the WWE, should guys who are not considered "big league" anymore by the WWE really be getting huge pushes?

There is another possible way this could go. Handled well, this could be a masterstroke.

By clubbing these veterans together, you eliminate the chances of veteran vs veteran main events. No Angle Vs Sting, No Booker vs Nash, etc. If these guys can't fight each other, then who do they fight?

This is where TNA's "real" stars will get there chance. Led by the likes of Joe and AJ, Lethal and Daniels, the homegrown talent will be facing the mafia, thus giving them back the main events and pushes they deserve.

One person who could be crucial to the development of this story is Christian Cage. I don't think he fits into either camp. He is without doubt still a wrestler who would be welcomed back by the WWE. Athletically he is superb, and not many characters in either organisation are as good on the mike as Cage. If Christian is still given his chance to shine, and is involved heavily in the feud, then I have no doubts it can work.

The other question that needs answering, is whether or not the Main Event Mafia are willing to put over their younger opponents. History would suggest not, however I think this is the perfect chance for all of them to show how willing they are to support the good of the company.

Let's hope so.