Can They BEAR Down Going Down The Stretch?

Ryan CregerContributor IOctober 29, 2008

Everyone is talking about the NFC East when it comes to the NFC because that division is always a strong division. Let's not overlook a team that has 3 losses that all were lost in the closing minute of the games. (Except the Tampa Bay game, that one was in OT.) Especially when you look at the 2  big wins they had when no one thought they had a chance. No one thought they could beat Indy in week 1, and everyone thought the Eagles were going to fly high and show the NFC North why the NFC East is so powerful. So I'm going to take a look at the rest of their season as it stands right now. I'm simply going to say whether I think they will win or lose because calling points with this team is ridiculous. I mean come on, who thought you would have to put up damn near 50 points to win by 7 against Minnesota?


Week 9: Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions

    Gee, let's see. The Lions D is ranked 31 against the pass allowing 4 straight games of 250 yards passing against that started with Orton (334) in week 5. They've also allowed 12 TD's through the air and have a whole 1 INT. The Bears defense is also coming off of the much needed bye, so they will be rested and hungry for this game. Don't get me wrong the Lions have Calvin Johnson, who even on the Lions is a threat. Since even after having their rest, they couldn't stop this seasons surprising bears offense, I dont think they will this time either.

               Prediction: Bears win and move to 5-3


Week 10: Chicago Bears vs. Tennessee Titans

     This is game that, as a bears fan, I'm surprisingly looking forward to. The Titans D was slightly overlooked, in my opinion, going into this season. Well at 7-0 more than just their defense was overlooked. I mean I understand that defense wins championships, but it doesn't have you go 7-0 either. I just feel if the bears can pull an upset here that they prove that they are still the Monsters of the Midway, and they are a team that cannot be overlooked. I also look forward to, in my own opinion, two of the favorites for rookie of the year honors when Forte and Johnson play in the cold spotlight that is Soldier Field.

                Prediction: Bears lose and go to 5-4


Week 11:Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

     Well this game should stir things up a little bit. I personally see both of these teams coming into this game at 5-4. This has always been a heated rivalry, and this year we'll add fuel to the fire and say it's the decision maker of who wins the division. Well luckily we see this game twice, just in two different venue's. I believe the bears are a better team this year than last year, and the Packers are short of where they stood last year. Last year Chicago went 2-0 against the Pack. THAT WAS LAST YEAR!! When it comes to these 2 teams, it doesn't seem to matter who is better on the season. It comes down to who is better that day.

            Prediction: Bears lose and go to 5-5


Week 12: Chicago Bears @ St. Louis Rams

     When did Bulger and Stephen Jackson come out of their respective funks?? Either way, I don't really think it will matter as Chicago has proven that they don't like to give you time to decide who you want to throw to. The bears D isn't the type of D that you want to have a lot of contact with because they love to strip the ball. I see this as being another Vikings game in the aspect that it will be close. (Just not as many points total) I think that Forte will have to play a big role in this game.

            Prediction: Bears win and move to 6-5


Week 13: Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings

       This one I will keep short and sweet. They have AP who will have around 100 yards again, and good ol' Gus will throw about 150. Thats it!! Last time we played he had trouble throwing and that was without Vasher and Tillman. Enough said.

            Prediction: Bears win and move to 7-5


Week 14: Chicago Bears vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

       This one may be a little tricky. Jacksonville is a very hit or miss team week to week. Maurice Jones-Drew can have a 100 yard game 1 week and get 20 all-purpose yards the next. Gerrard can throw 2 TD's and rush for one, the next he may throw 2 picks and fumble one. The point is with Jacksonville you never know what you're going to get. If they're on that day, you are in store for a rough game, because they will make you work hard to earn the win.

            Prediction: Bears win and move to 8-5


Week 15: Chicago Bears vs. New Orleans Saints

        This could be a painful game as it could be a must win to have a chance to win the division over Green Bay. The Saints by this week will have Reggie Bush back who has been a beast this season coming out of the backfield with receptions. Marques Colston and Lance Moore, proving a viable 1-2 punch. and last but not least the man that puts it together and the man who may very well be the regular season mvp when all is said and done is Drew Brees. The bears D needs to be on point for this game or else Brees will carve them up all day. The upside for the Bears is that the Saints D is marginal at best. Yet, be reminded that this marginal defense held back Adrian Peterson no matter what he tried better than we could. This is my end of the season upset, but I hope I am wrong on this one.

             Prediction: Bears lose and go to 8-6


Week 16: Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay

        It could very well come down to this game right here!! I still stand by what I said earlier in what I thought of these two teams and with that being said, I think this is where the Bears bear down. I don't think Green Bay has what it takes to come into Soldier Field and sweep us this season for retribution.

             Prediction: Bears win and move to 9-6


Week 17: Chicago Bears @ Houston Texans

        This will by no means be an easy game, although the only wins the Texans have gotten so far are against bad teams.  I mean their wins were against Miami, Detroit, and Cincinnati. (Only Miami has all the wins of those three teams) So how good can they really be? I think they may be better than what some are giving them credit for, but this is the team that let Indy score a crap ton of points in 4:20. I mean this may be a contest, but I doubt it.

            Prediction: Bears win and finish at 10-6 winning the NFC North division.