NFL Power 10: Carolina Panthers Jump Into The Top Three

Sean Crowe@CroweKnowsSenior Writer IOctober 29, 2008

Due to popular demand, and some on-the-money comments by readers last week, we have tweaked the Power 10 formula. The goal of the tweaks was to put more emphasis on wins and losses. We’ve also removed the winning-streak multiplier.

The new formula is as follows: 10 times the number of wins, minus 10 times the number of losses, plus the inverse of their offensive points against rank, plus the inverse of their defensive points allowed rank, plus the inverse of the net points rank.

For example, the Titans are number one once again with 157 points.

That’s 70 (seven wins), minus 0 (zero losses), plus 32 (ranked No. 1 in points against), plus 23 (ranked No. 10 in points scored), plus 32 (ranked No. 1 in net points).

Complex, but scientific—and science is never wrong. Ever.


1 (1) Tennessee Titans (7-0): Power 10 Points: 157

The Colts aren’t the team they’ve been the past couple of seasons, but they’re still a pretty significant hurdle for the Titans. They’re now four games up in the AFC South, a conference the Colts and Jaguars were supposed to run away with.


2 (3) New York Giants (6-1): Power 10 Points: 135

Plaxico is a moron. He just got a new contract. He’s playing on a team that just won a Super Bowl and has as good a chance as anyone to win another one this season. Yet he can’t even bring himself to show up for treatment on a Saturday? Or show up for meetings on time?

Are you kidding me? Grow up, stupid.


3 (t6) Carolina Panthers (6-2): Power 10 Points: 115

The Panthers' defense is sneaky good. When looking at the Panthers, the stat that jumps out at you is Net Points. They’re fifth in the NFL in net points, scoring 47 more points than they’ve allowed this season.


4 (2) Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2): Power 10 Points: 101

The loss to the Giants knocks them back a bit, but they’re still among the favorites to get to the Super Bowl in the AFC. They just need Willie Parker to get himself healthy.


5 (-) Washington Redskins (6-2): Power 10 Points: 96

I’m still not sold on the Redskins. They’re playing too many close teams, and looking mediocre against too many bad teams. That said, they’re 3-1 at home and 3-1 on the road halfway through the season...Which is pretty impressive, regardless of how they’re doing it.


6 (4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-3): Power 10 Points: 95

If the Bucs could play every game at home, they’d be unstoppable. They’re 4-0 at home, but only 1-3 on the road. Worse than that, their road offense could only put up nine points against the Cowboys.


t7 (10) Buffalo Bills (5-2): Power 10 Points: 91

Maybe last week’s formula was right? Last week’s formula said the Bills were an overrated 5-1. The Bills did nothing to convince anyone otherwise in their performance against the Dolphins.


t7 (9) Philadelphia Eagles (4-3): Power 10 Points: 91

For once, Philadelphia fans are actually in a good mood. The Phillies are world champions, who cares about the Eagles? This week, anyway.


9 (-) New England Patriots (5-2): Power 10 Points: 86

The Patriots have a chance to bury their rivals this week when they play the Colts. It’ll be interesting to see how both teams react. The Patriots’ reaction will go a long way towards forming my opinion as to how well this team is going to do come playoff time.


10 (5) Chicago Bears (4-3): Power 10 Points: 85

Kyle Orton has morphed from game manager into fantasy-football superstar this season. I’m pretty sure that’s the least-expected leap to fantasy super stardom in fantasy football history.


Dropped Out

11 (t6) Green Bay Packers (4-3): Power 10 Points: 78

The reward for enjoying the bye week was dropping out of the Power 10. You’re welcome.

13 (8) Arizona Cardinals (4-3): Power 10 Points: 76 



Bottom Three

30 (30) Kansas City Chiefs (1-6): Power 10 Points: -38

Almost ruined their shot at the number one pick in the draft when they nearly beat the Jets last weekend.

31 (31) Detroit Lions (0-7): Power 10 Points: -60

I’m speechless.

32 (32) Cincinnati Bengals (0-8): Power 10 Points: -75

Halfway to history.


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