Rambling & Scrambling: Week 8

andrewCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2008

– I realize I’m not the first person to point this out (or even among the first THOUSAND), but lord, Brett Favre throws some bad picks. I mean, I know the Jets beat the Chiefs on a last-minute comeback in the Meadowlands - but they should have beaten K.C. by 21 points, easy. Instead, Favre threw three *horrendous* interceptions, and a couple of them looked like #4 actually had wagered money on his opponents. 

 – Did you know that the Texans have won three straight games for the first time in their franchise’s history? Someone find Dom Capers and David Carr, and ask them to help pop the cork on the Mumm’s. 

Terrell Owens finally led the Cowboys in receiving yards for a game! That’s right - for the first time this season, T.O. had more yards receiving than any other Cowboys player. That’s pretty good, until you remember that T.O. makes more than all the rest of the Cowboys receivers, COMBINED. 

And you know what? He only had 33 yards receiving on Sunday. Which sucks, but it was enough to pace the team - no one had more; remember that Dallas only scored 13 points, which was their lowest total IN A WIN since December 2004.  You know that T.O. doesn’t care that his team won - he’s ticked that he didn’t GET HIS. I think we’re days away from an eruption from Mt. Saint Terrell. 

Not to mention that T.O. was wearing a hideous, pastel-green V-neck sweater in his postgame press conference. I can’t find a photograph of it - but it wasn’t attractive. (Actually, there is video of it posted on the Cowboys’ website - CLICK HERE, and then click on ‘Terrell Owens Post Game Press Conference 10/26′) 

– Speaking of hideous outfits, can anyone tell me why the Steelers wore those horrendous throwbacks for the second time this year? They remind of something out of ‘Any Given Sunday’, in which the imaginary football uniforms were uglier than the sight of Crocs on a man. 



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