The Super Bowl: An American Institution

Kell DodsonContributor IJanuary 24, 2008

The inception of the Super Bowl is widely regarded as the brainchild of Pete Rozelle.  Lamar Hunt jokingly named the game "Super Bowl" and an American phenomenon was born.

It is the game in which greatness is measured.  Win on this day, and a career can be validated.  Lose, and you will join the list of players who couldn't win the big one. 

It is also the only day of the year I will place a ten dollar bet on the over/under of Billy Joel singing the national anthem in 1:53.

As the gladiators prepare for their moment of glory, I can eat chicken wings and drink beer for breakfast, guilt free. Why?  Because it's Super Bowl Sunday. 

If you get lucky, you might see an overly elaborate halftime show.  If you get real lucky, you might see "Penny" from "Good Times" show off her new nipple holder.

The Super Bowl also affords advertisers the opportunity to show off their finest work.  Who can forget Bud Dry leading an overmatched Bud Light team to victory over Budweiser in Bud Bowl III?  Would Crystal Clear Pepsi have swept the nation with such fervor without the Super Bowl as its springboard?

What the Super Bowl really gives us are the memories we cherish.  I am sure Scott Norwood loves the sound of John Facenda's voice declaring his field goal wide right one more time.  Leon Lett still can't believe Don Beebe broke the sound barrier to negate his late game touchdown.  Hollywood Henderson probably doesn't remember anything about being in the Super Bowl, but that is a different story.

My personal favorite is Eugene Robinson, joyriding down Biscayne Boulevard the night before Super Sunday.  After spending the day with his family and receiving the Bart Starr Award for his "high moral character",  Robinson had a spare forty dollars and decided to celebrate. 

What better way for Robinson to do just that than doing business with an undercover officer and ending up in jail.  He was released just in time to blow a coverage on Rod Smith for an 80-yard touchdown, helping the Broncos seal victory.

Whatever the reason, America loves the Super Bowl.  Maybe you just want one day to get hammered.  Maybe you can't wait to see the latest commercial.  Perhaps you're still trying to figure out why Neil O'Donnell threw up ducks to Larry Brown.  Or, per chance, you're just watching for the next wardrobe malfunction. 

Whatever the reason, you can't go wrong.